Selling Sunset power couple nominate themselves for their own spin-off show

Je'Kayla Crawford
Mary from Selling Sunset

Mary Fitzgerald and her husband Romain Bonnet want to be the faces of a new Selling Sunset spin-off show.

Selling Sunset has had its fair share of spin-offs. From Selling Tampa (which was short-lived), and Selling The O.C. which is about to premiere its third season, there is enough real estate stardom to go around.

Now that the landmark show is entering its eighth season, an OG from the series thinks that she deserves a spin-off of her own.

On April 9, Mary Fitzgerald and her husband Romain Bonnet spoke with What’s Trending and explained why they believe they would make a great fit to helm a spin-off series.

“Well, just because [of] me as a project manager, and her as a real estate agent, I think if we could find a spinoff about flipping houses, which is what we want to do, eventually, like Heather and Tarek. So that would be amazing,” Romain commented.

Mary from Selling Sunset

While The Flipping El Moussas isn’t an official Selling Sunset spin-off, it is a chance for Mary’s co-star Heather and her husband Tarek to show off their home renovation skills and their personal life outside of the real estate series.

Mary shared the same excitement for the idea of their own show as a couple, specifically for the ability for fans to get to know her husband more.

“He actually really, really has a lot of personality, and I don’t think the show portrays that. And I think that a lot of it, if they actually got the chance to see it, they would absolutely fall in love with him. And the combination between him and the construction world, and me in the real estate world, I think we could do really well,” she also chimed in.

It’s unclear whether or not Mary and her husband actually have a Netflix spin-off in the works, or if they are trying to hint at the streaming service that they want to be given the opportunity to have on. Only time will tell.