Selling Sunset: Did Emma Hernan lie about owning a private jet?

Stephanie Harper

Emma Hernan is a wealthy and successful cast member of Selling Sunset. Is she wealthy enough to own a private jet, though?

There doesn’t seem to be any shortage of wealth in the hands of the real estate agents working at the Oppenheim Group.

The cast members of Selling Sunset regularly handle million-dollar listings that offer massive payouts in Southern California.

For this reason, fans are a bit confused about something going on with Emma Hernan. Is it possible she lied about owning a private jet? These are the details.

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Does Emma Hernan own a private jet?

During an episode of Selling Sunset Season 7, Emma continually boasted about giving her friends a ride on her private jet.

When she stepped into the private jet with some of her co-stars, it caused viewers to start asking questions.

An entire Reddit thread has been created to discuss whether or not Emma actually owns that jet.

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One person wrote, “She is probably part of a private jet program. You can get a membership to regularly charter private jets at reduced rates.”

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Someone else added, “It’s not her own private jet, she charters them through a fairly reasonably priced company called ‘Wheels Up.'”

A third person chimed in to say, “You can charter private jets through memberships, there are a lot of companies who do them! I’m assuming that’s what she does. I’m not sure who she uses, but we use XO and it’s fairly cheap.”

Other fans in the thread wholeheartedly believe that Emma owns the private jet for personal use. One person wrote, “Emma must have owned it for her to get as upset as she did over Nicole being invited to it by Brett. Otherwise, that’s just insane for her to expect to have control over it if she didn’t pay for it, y’know?”

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Emma is a wildly successful member of the Selling Sunset cast for reasons beyond her reality TV fame or her work as a real estate agent.

She also owns a vegan food company called Emma Leigh & Co, which is growing in popularity among the health community. For now, viewers will have to take her at her word until she delivers some form of proof that she truly owns that private jet.

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