Has Bre Tiesi quit Selling Sunset? Season 7 star storms off in finale

Areesha Khan
Bre Tiesi from Selling SunsetInstagram: @bre_tiesi

Rumors have been circulating that Bre Tiesi might be leaving Selling Sunset after she stormed off the set in the finale of season 7. Here’s everything we know about her possible departure.

Bre Tiesi joined the famous Netflix real estate reality TV program, Selling Sunset, in season 6. Before joining the show, she was a successful model, social media star, and actress. Bre was also on other shows like WAGS and Cannon’s Wild n’ Out. 

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However, after divorcing her NFL husband, Johnny Manziel, she ended up spicing up her career as well. After joining Selling Sunset her model-turned-real-estate-agent storyline gained a lot of attention and she remained a main cast member on the show since 2022.

There have been talks going around that Bre might leave after season 7. If you’ve been wondering what the star has been up to, and if she is really leaving the Selling Sunset, here is everything you need to know.

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What happened to Bre Tiesi in season 7

Bre Tiesi from Selling Sunset Season 6Netflix

When Bre first joined the show, she had trouble getting along with two of her co-stars, Chelsea Lazkani and Cassandra Dawn. Everyone hoped things would settle and the three would warm up to each other after a few clashes.

However, Bre was unable to patch things up with her co-stars and their tension grew with every episode. In season 7, a nasty fight with Cassandra had Bre storming out of the building. On top of that, during the same season, Bre expressed dissatisfaction to her boss Jason Oppenheim about her sales commissions. But Jason refused to raise her split. She said, “I deserve way more than I’m making to put up with that s***.”

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It seems that the heat of the office drama is getting to Bre and she is now considering leaving the show altogether. In an interview with DailyMail, she said, “I’m definitely taking a break from the O group. I think that I bring a lot of value, and I just had a baby, and there’s a lot of things happening there that I don’t really care to deal with, nor should I need to deal with.”

DailyMail also reported that Jason Oppenheim refused to confirm her departure. So far season 8 hasn’t been confirmed but everyone, including Bre herself, has refused to give a concrete answer.

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Overall, Bre is just unsatisfied with her time on the show. She has also been upset about her relationship with her partner, Nick Cannon, being gossiped on. And her not being able to give attention to her new baby, Love Cannon.

There is a high chance that she might not be on Selling Sunset season 8 but we will have to wait to find out.

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