Selling Sunset’s Bre Tiesi addresses on-screen drama with Chelsea Lazkani

Je'Kayla Crawford
Chelsea and Bre from Selling Sunset

Are Selling Sunset Season 6’s Chelsea and Bre on good terms? Here is what Bre has had to say about her reality TV co-star.

One of the biggest arguments that took place in Season 6 of Selling Sunset was between Chelsea Lazkani and newcomer Bre Tiesi.

Specifically, the drama is because of the father of Bre’s child, Nick Cannon.

Nick is best known for his decades-long acting career in both TV shows and movies. But, he’s also publicly recognized for having 12 children… most of which he has had with different women.

Chelsea immediately discussed her distaste for Bre and Nick’s relationship on the show, which the Netflix newcomer did not appreciate. 

“As a Christian, I find Bre’s relationship rather off-putting,” said Chelsea in the Season 6 trailer.

After viewers saw how this drama unfolded during the season, Bre has spoken out about the disagreement between the two of them.

Are Chelsea Lazkani and Bre Tiesi from Selling Sunset friends?

In an interview with People Magazine, Bre expressed that the two are still not on the same page.

She said, “I stand nowhere with Chelsea except very far away from her.”

The reality TV star did take a second to say that even though they are at odds, she wishes no ill will toward her.

Bre said, “I am good on her. I wish her the best, and she can sort out whatever issue it is that she seems to have with me and my family. Sounds like she needs to figure that out.”

Chelsea has not publicly responded to Bre’s comments. The two are most likely going to return as cast members of Season 7. Hopefully, the drama between them will fade away by then.

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