Rainbow Six Crimson Heist battle pass details: all rewards & missions

Rainbow Six Operation Crimson Heist battle passUbisoft

Rainbow Six Operation Crimson Heist is here, and that means another exciting battle pass has gone live. Here’s everything we know, including all the rewards and missions.

A new chapter of Rainbow Six: Siege is about to begin in Year 6. Operation Crimson Heist has players excited about new operator Flores, the Border map rework, match replay, and more. 

However, they also can’t wait to get their hands on the new battle pass. It’s jam-packed with content, including all kinds of amazing rewards and missions. Here’s what you need to know.

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How much does the Crimson Heist battle pass cost?

Ubisoft have changed up Rainbow Six battle passes starting in Operation Crimson Heist.

Year passes are gone, with operator unlocks being rolled into buying the Premium Battle Pass if you don’t want to wait two weeks. There’s also no more discounts for pass holders.

There are two tracks to the Crimson Heist battle pass. The free track is just that — free. It comes with limited rewards, but you can still get some good headgears and uniforms.

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The premium battle pass is where the value is at. For 1200 R6 Credits, you can unlock Flores early and get access to over 100 tiers of rewards. If you’re going to grind out Operation Crimson Heist, you’ll want to buy the battle pass.

Rainbow Six Operation Crimson Heist battle passUbisoft
The Operation Crimson Heist battle pass has two tracks: Free and Premium.

How many tiers are in the Rainbow Six Crimson Heist battle pass?

The Rainbow Six Crimson Heist battle pass will be split into two – the free track and the premium track. It will introduce 100 tiers worth of content, which is even bigger than last season’s battle pass.

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Players can expect all kinds of new operator skins, weapon skins, charms, and other bits and pieces. 

Iana, Lesion, Blackbeard, Wamai, Aruni, Alibi, Kaid, Ace, Bandit, Goyo, Bandit, Nomad, Pulse, Caveira, Zero, Amaru, Finka, Castle, and Flores are all getting new uniforms and headgears.

Rainbow Six Operation Crimson Heist castle battle pass skinYouTube: Ubisoft
Castles battle pass skin is just as good as an elite one.

You can also earn back some of your R6 credits. There are 600 on offer across the battle pass, which can save you some dosh for when the next one rolls around.

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Operation Crimson Heist battle pass challenges

The battle pass challenges in Crimson Heist will change every two weeks. There are sets of both community challenges — which you can contribute towards — and regular challenges you must complete yourself.

You can find the full list of challenges below. We will keep these updated as they change

Mission Objective Reward Expiry
Shotgun Eliminations 3,500,000 kills (community) 850 XP March 30
Rifle Expert Eliminate 20 opponents with rifles 850 XP March 30
Sharpshooter Get 35 headshots 850 XP March 30
Sweeper Destroy 5 gadgets 850 XP March 30

When does the Rainbow Six Crimson Heist battle pass expire?

Operation Crimson Heist launched on March 16, and is expected to run until May 25. This gives players just under three months to complete the pass.

By then, new details about Year 6 Season 2 should be floating around. We’ll keep you up to date with those as they happen.

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