Rainbow Six Border rework full walkthrough: layout, bomb sites, more

Rainbow Six Border map rework in Operation Crimson HeistUbisoft

Border is getting a rework in Rainbow Six’s Operation Crimson Heist. There’s not many changes compared to other reworks, but you’ll need to be aware of them when you jump in for the first time.

You’d think Rainbow Six’s Operation Crimson Heist would involve a Bank rework. It’s in the name, and that’s what the early leaks speculated. However, that’s not the case. Border is instead the map of choice getting updated in Year 6 Season 1.

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The map as a whole is getting a bit of a face-lift, as well as some structural changes to make it a bit less crammed. Less clutter, more space in bomb sites, and even some new areas to play in; here’s what you need to know about the Border map rework in Rainbow Six.

Border in Rainbow SixUbisoft
Border has come a long way since its release in 2016. Now, it’s getting its biggest change yet.

Bomb sites: no changes to layout, but Bathroom now bigger

Unlike previous map reworks, there will be no changes to Border’s bomb sites ⁠— at least in location. However, each individual bombsite has undergone a bit of a change.

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2F ⁠— Armory Lockers and Archives

The Archives bombsite has been adjusted to extend towards Office. This means there’s a bit more space for the attackers to plant in that room, changing up how they may approach the site. That’s the only real major change to the upstairs bomb site.

1F ⁠— Ventilation Room and Workshop

Much like Armory-Archives, not much has been done. A bit of the clutter around Workshop has been moved, as well as the hatch that drops from above.

It’s been moved further North in Office upstairs, which is something attackers will have to accommodate if they drop into site.

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Rainbow Six Border Archives bomb siteUbisoft
Archives has expanded towards Office upstairs.

1F ⁠— Bathroom and Tellers

This bomb site has undergone the most updates in the Border rework. Bathroom has been expanded from a small death trap into a more open space. It now directly connects to Tellers with a destructible wall that used to be outside.

Tellers has remained mostly the same, except you can only enter the bombsite through the little barricade on the window, or from the inside. There is no longer an external wall you can blow up to get in, as that has been reclaimed by Bathroom.

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1F ⁠— Customs Inspections and Supply Room

This bombsite has remained entirely unchanged, aside from a few small decluttering exercises. It’s still only got the internal entry except for the one barricade by the front door of Supply Room, and that’s it.

Rainbow Six Bathroom on BorderUbisoft
The Bathroom bombsite is now a lot more spacious.

Major changes: new balcony above Lobby, less destructible walls, more

The rest of the map is where most of the Border changes are. Outside of Office and Archives upstairs, a set of stairs has been added for easy attacker access. That outside area of Office is a lot easier to control now too.

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There’s also a new balcony inside the building above Lobby, named Waiting Room. This balcony, which can be accessed by breaking a barricade on the south side, connects to Break Room and the East Stairs, giving a new line of sight and angle to hold on the second floor.

Generally, there’s less clutter around the map, and less destructible walls and floors, making it a bit easier to defend all of the three downstairs sites.

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Rainbow Six Border balcony insideUbisoft
There’s a new balcony above Lobby connecting to Break Room.

Sadly, the announcer telling you to not board the helicopter has been silenced. The ambient sounds on the map have also been quietened to enhance competitive play.

Finally, the attacker spawns are completely unchanged. They remain as: East Vehicle Entrance, Valley, and West Vehicle Exit.

The Border map rework is part of Operation Crimson Heist in Rainbow Six. Starting off Year 6 with a bang, a new attacker named Flores has joined Team Rainbow, and a host of quality of life improvements ⁠— including Match Replay ⁠— have been shipped.

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