Rainbow Six Flores guide: loadouts, tips & tricks for Crimson Heist attacker


Rainbow Six Year 6 has kicked off with Operation Crimson Heist and new attacker Flores. The Argentinian packs an explosive punch, opening up new pathways with his RCE-Ratero drones. Here’s some tips and tricks to master the Operator.

Flores is Rainbow Six’s 30th attacker, and the second with drone mods. However, his drones work a little different to Twitch’s.

The Argentine is going to explode onto the scene in Operation Crimson Heist. Before you get your hands on him, be sure to read on with our guide to the best Flores tips and tricks in Rainbow Six, so you can master him in no time.

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Flores in Rainbow Six SiegeUbisoft
Want to master Flores? Read on.

Flores loadout: weapons and gadgets

Flores has access to two primary weapons, one sidearm, and two secondary gadgets. His primaries, the AR33 and the SR-25, both pack a big punch at the expense of rate of fire. The SR-25 is Blackbeard’s DMR, while the AR33 is one of Thatcher’s.

We recommend using the AR33 out of the two, purely because DMRs are strictly weaker than their AR counterparts. While the AR33 may not be the best, you can still make it work if you take a Flash Hider and an Angled Grip.

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You don’t get a choice of sidearm, but you do get a choice of secondary gadget. Claymores are, in most situations, going to be best-in-slot. However, if you’re up against an Aruni, or are looking to rush site, you might want to consider Stun Grenades.

Primary weapons

  • AR33
    • Sights: Red Dot, Holo, Reflex, 1.5x Scope, 2x Scope
    • Barrel: Suppressor, Flash Hider, Compensator, Muzzle Brake
    • Grip: Vertical, Angled
    • Under Barrel: Laser
  • SR-25
    • Sights: Red Dot, Holo, 2x Scope, 2.5x Scope, 3x Scope
    • Barrel: Suppressor, Flash Hider, Muzzle Brake
    • Grip: Vertical
    • Under Barrel: Laser

Secondary weapons

  • GSH-18
    • Barrel: Suppressor, Muzzle Brake

Secondary gadgets

  • Claymore
  • Stun Grenades

Flores loadout Rainbow Six Siege Operation Crimson Heist

Use Flores’ drones to blow up walls, hatches, and utility

Using Flores’ RCE-Ratero drones to blow up enemies sounds really good, but in practice, you want to primarily use it to open up walls and hatches. The explosion of the RCE-Ratero is huge, and unlike Breach Charges, can’t be shot down by enemies.

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If you want, you can open up the floor above a bombsite to create new angles, break open un-reinforced walls and hatches, or destroy enemy utility It’s a lot more efficient than using Ash charges or other explosives ⁠— you have four of them after all ⁠— so use your drones for the team.

Hold a drone or two for post-plants

Flores’ drone might be the best bit of post-plant utility in Rainbow Six. You can drive it in, linger around the bomb, set it to explode, and do it over and over again. You can easily stall out the plant timer just by doing this strategy.

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With that in mind, be sure to hold a drone or two for post-plants. Those few seconds could be the difference between winning and losing a round. Just make sure you have a Claymore to protect you against any rushes.

Flores drone in Rainbow Six Operation Crimson HeistUbisoft
Can’t stop, won’t stop: Don’t forget you can’t stop moving forward with Flores’ drone once you deploy it.

Be sure to use your normal drone first

You only have 10 seconds with the RCE-Ratero drone before it blows up. Therefore, you want to scout ahead with your regular drone to find where all the enemy utility is set up. From there, you can navigate around and route your ideal path.

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If you follow these tips and tricks, you’ll be well on your way to mastering Flores in Operation Crimson Heist.