Grab this 2TB Steam Deck SSD Prime Day deal before prices spike

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Looking for a shiny new Steam Deck SSD Prime Day deal? This Addlink NVMe drive might just be the drive you’re looking for.

Getting the best Steam Deck SSD has gotten a lot easier over the past couple of years, as more manufacturers are releasing drives. Gone are the days when you had to hunt around for a 2230 form-factor SSD, and now they are pretty readily available. The 2TB Addlink 2230 NVMe SSD looks like the best value option for a huge amount of storage that you can put into Valve’s humble handheld.

Just be aware that this drive is QLC-based, and has no DRAM cache, so it might not be the highest-end SSD on the market, but it will still be much faster than the standard 64GB of eMMC storage you’ll find on a baseline Steam Deck.

Other 2TB options on the market are much more expensive too, and with almost a $100 saving, it becomes difficult to refute the amount of value on offer for the amount of storage you’re getting here. With NAND storage prices set to spike up again toward the end of the year, according to Trendforce, this could be a good opportunity to grab a great deal on Steam Deck storage.

Is it hard to upgrade a Steam Deck SSD?

Installing and flashing a Steam Deck SSD is much less difficult than you might imagine, as you will just need a steady hand, some tools, and a copy of SteamOS to flash to the drive. We’ve documented the entire process and even done it ourselves twice.

Considering that the Steam Deck is in desperate need of more storage, especially if you have chosen one of the base storage variants, this Addlink NVMe SSD offers heaps of space for all of your games, and you only really need a bit of technical knowhow to make the most of it.

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