Terrifying Pokemon Scarlet & Violet clue sets up new ghost-type reveal

ghost-type pokemon scarlet violetPokemon

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Pokedex might be about to grow by another one or two, as players are convinced ghost-types will be announced after a scary teaser.

Trainers around the world have been waiting for the Paldea region‘s doors to open for some time now, and their wish will be granted on November 18.

Before its release date, though, a fresh set of starters, Legendaries, and returning Pokemon have already been confirmed or leaked ahead of time.

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Next up, in the spirit of Halloween, it looks like a few ghost-types are about to finally see the light of day.

Ghost-type Pokemon reveal coming soon?

On October 24, the official YouTube channel of The Pokemon Company released a terrifying teaser that featured just one monster.

A voice in the clip said: “Am I recording? OK, good…” They turned to their side, scared of rustling in the long grass. “Are there really ghost-type Poke…”

Suddenly, a Pokemon dived out of the bushes – and it was a familiar sight, Gengar!

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The camera tape soon crashed as the evolution of Haunter appeared on-screen, though many have been left wondering why this type of teaser trailer would be released if it was only going to show something from Gen 1.

One trainer said in the comments: “Annnnnd there’s the annual October ghost type teaser.”

Another said: “I thought they were gonna show a new Pokemon?!”

A third wrote: “Let me guess, a new Ghost-type is gonna be revealed soon?”

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In recent weeks, soon-to-be Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players have been treated with the reveal of Bellibolt, though the wait goes on for any ghost-types.

This scary snapshot of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet matches the look and feel of the Halloween teasers Niantic is dropping in Pokemon Go, hinting at the return of mass outbreaks for their annual event.

Though, this time, it could materialize in something fans have never seen before… A spooky new addition for Gen 9. Watch this space.

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