Pokemon Go fans put on red alert for mass outbreaks in Halloween event

pokemon go magikarp headerNiantic

A tweet from Pokemon Go’s official Twitter account has players wondering if Mass Outbreaks will come to the game this Halloween season.

It seems Niantic has been keen to introduce some new content to Pokemon Go, like the surprise reveal of Elite Raids.

Though Elite Raids leaked before the official reveal, details surrounding the new raid type were scarce, and many trainers speculated the event could function similarly to mass outbreaks in other Pokemon titles.

Now, the developer has teased another event for 2022’s Halloween event which has players once again theorizing that mass outbreaks may be coming to Pokemon Go in some form.

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Pokemon Go teases new event for Halloween 2022

The tease came from the official Pokemon Go Twitter account, which posted a 14-second video with the caption, “Something strange is afoot this Halloween season. Can you figure out what’s going on? Keep your eyes peeled and your buddy close…”

The video shows a trainer recording themselves walking through a spooky forest in the dead of night, before stumbling across a single Magikarp flopping around in a river. However, once they turn around they’re greeted with a horde of Magikarp splashing around.

Thanks to the video recording overlay used on the video, it seems Niantic may be leaving a hint for perceptive trainers.

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In the bottom right corner of the screen, there’s text that reads, “FILE_001025.” Considering this is a tease for new content coming “this Halloween season,” the file number could correlate to October 25 or 10/25.

Trainers were quick to connect the horde of Magikarp as a tease for mass outbreaks, such as Twitter user AndrewTaco72.

Other players speculated that the mention of a buddy Pokemon could also correlate to this event. “Function for buddy pokemon to find outbreaks locations?” asked Twitter user plsaPichuEared.

Of course, nothing has been outright confirmed by Niantic at the time of writing, but this Magikarp teaser certainly has fans wondering what event Pokemon Go has in store for trainers for Halloween 2022.

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