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Pokemon Unite ranked tier list – top Pokemon picked by the pros

Published: 7/Aug/2021 20:45 Updated: 8/Aug/2021 0:26

by Brent Koepp


With 21 characters to choose from in the MOBA, only a handful of characters can rise to the Master Cup. Here are the top Pokemon in Pokemon Unite as picked by the game’s best ranked players.

Pokemon Unite’s Season 1 is underway and a month after launch, the TiMi Studios meta has already started to take shape. While there is a handful of popular characters in the community, only a handful are dominating ranked mode.


Below we will take a look at the Pokemon that are being used the most by Master Cup players. The tier list is based on the top 20 Trainers around the world and the ‘mon they have won matches with.

Pokemon Unite Master Cup Tier
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Which Pokemon are the best players using?

Pokemon Unite Ranked Tier list

The tier list is based on the top 20 ranked Master Cup players globally as of August 2021.

S Tier


  • Role: All Rounder
  • Type: Melee

The Sinnoh favorite has quickly risen to the top as one of the most used Pokemon in the Master Cup. Chaining combos with Extreme Speed or Power-Up Punch and Bone Rush has the character zipping back and forth in the blink of an eye.

Not only does the character hit hard, but its repeat dash attacks have been destroying the competition before they even know what has hit them.



  • Role: Attacker
  • Type: Ranged

Despite being nerfed in an August patch, the Galar Fire-starter has continued to melt down opponents. Cinderace easily has one of the best ranged basic attacks in the MOBA.

Not only does Feint allow it to escape Speedster Pokemon such as Zeraora from flanking, but its powerful Pyro Ball ability will also nuke enemies trying to flee. Once the ‘mon attack is buffed, it becomes unstoppable.


  • Role: Supporter
  • Type: Ranged

Across the top 20 Pokemon Unite players globally, Eldegoss continuously ranked at the very top as the best Supporter ‘mon. The combination of Pollen Puff and Cotton Guard gives teams extra health while reducing damage.


The adorable Galar ‘mon is a must for giving Trainers an edge over opponents. Leaf Tornado also allows teammates to rush goals as well as Zapdos, which can literally determine a match.

A Tier


  • Role: Attacker
  • Type: Ranged

Don’t let its quirky design fool you, the Galar newcomer has been striking fear in players since the game launched in July. Its first ability Whirlpool was so devastating, TiMi Studios had to nerf it. Despite the changes, Cramorant continues to be one of the strongest characters that can do crowd control.

Surf not only destroys groups of neutral enemies, but it also melts opponents’ health before knocking them back into your teammates. The character’s Hurricane move is one of the best stuns in the game, and Air Slash acts as both an escape and a self-heal.



  • Role: Defender
  • Type: Melee

The giant sleeping Pokemon has quickly become a top contender in Unite. The Kanto favorite’s insane Block ability can not only be used to push opponents off a goal point but also to stop players from attacking Zapdos.

The Defensive ‘mon can also be played as an aggressive tank. Whether it’s Flail or Heavy Slam, Snorlax can unleash devastating damage, all while acting as your team’s best shield.


  • Role: All Rounder
  • Type: Melee

While not initially as popular, Charizard has quickly become a solid pick in Ranked mode due to a buff to its Fire Punch and Flare Blitz. Both dash attacks can leave enemies burned and with its fire-breathing basic attack, the ‘mon can quickly melt even the strongest characters.


Not only does its ability allow skilled Trainers to nuke opponents in a team battle, but it also gives the ‘mon incredible mobility to hunt down enemies trying to escape. While many use it in either the top or bottom lane, Charizard is making a name for itself as an incredible jungler (when team composition allows it).

Alolan Nintetales

  • Role: Attacker
  • Type: Ranged

Easily one of the most versatile, Alolan Ninetales can be played in two completely different ways. Its Ice-type abilities Avalanche and Blizzard make for a brutal combo that slows enemies down before slamming them into a wall of snow.

Its move Aurora Veil not only reduces damage received by teammates but automatically makes their basic attacks boosted. At the start of the match, its first evolution, Vulpix, is insanely powerful due to its passive ability Snow Warning.

B Tier


  • Role: Attacker
  • Type: Ranged

Although Greninja has consistently been ranked as one of the worst Pokemon in Unite by the community, the world’s best players disagree. The misunderstood Attacker ‘mon has found a place in the MOBA’s Master Cup and has become a favorite among pro Trainers.

The character really shines when using its Smokescreen ability to boost its basic attack while jumping opponents by surprise. Surf also does extra damage to lower HP enemies, which is perfect for finishing off fleeing players or team battles. Best of all, the move resets every time it knocks someone out. If used right, you can wipe out whole teams.


  • Role: Supporter
  • Type: Melee

Since Unite’s first major patch in August, Wigglytuff has received a substantial buff to its HP and defense that has turned it into an absolute tank. While not a Defender Pokemon, the adorable Jigglypuff evolution can now take a punch or three.

Its Sing ability has seen top players putting enemy groups to sleep to set up teammates nuking them. Double Slap is also incredibly powerful at harassing opponents and is even reset each time Rollout hits a wall or subject.


  • Role: Defender
  • Type: Ranged

Slowbro is one of the tankiest Defenders in the TiMi Studios MOBA. Despite that, its Surf ability is devastating when unleashing when both teams are clashing together. The character can also be played solo with Scald and Amnesia.

While not the most flashy move, Telekinesis has become a vital tool in Master Cup. The Kanto Water-type is able to lift an opponent in the air and disable it from battle. Not only can teammates go in to knock out the ‘mon when disabled, but it also removes opposing players from key moments.

C tier

Mr. Mime

  • Role: Supporter
  • Type: Melee

Perhaps one of the hardest Pokemon to play in Unite, Mr. Mime has become a favorite among the game’s most skilled players. Its Confusion blast becomes an absolute monster when knocking enemies into walls.

Using Barrier to set up walls behind opposing players, the clown can become an absolute nightmare knocking ‘mon into objects for increased damage. Top-ranked Trainers are also using the move on the fly to block enemies from scoring goals.


  • Role: Attacker
  • Type: Ranged

The series mascot may be cute, but the tiny ‘mon packs a massive punch. In the early game, enemies can become absolutely destroyed by Electro Ball.

Skilled trainers will send the attack out like a heat-seeking missile to hunt down those trying to flee. Thunderbolt not only does an insane amount of damage, but it also leaves players temporarily stunned.


  • Role: Defender
  • Type: Melee

We have a feeling in the coming months that Crustle will quickly move up the ranks, as TiMi Studios’ August patch buffed the crustacean in incredible ways. With X-Scissor now doing Crit damage, the character can literally melt opposing players when using the Scope Lens held item.

Popping Shell Smash before throwing down the above move, makes the Melee ‘mon one of the game’s best attackers. When it eventually unlocks its Unite, it becomes an absolute force to be reckoned with, and can completely disrupt team battles.

Top 5 Pokemom in Pokemon Unite

  • Lucario
  • Cinderace
  • Eldegoss
  • Cramorant
  • Snorlax

The above list will surely change with future patches balancing the game. But as of August 2021, these are the top 5 ‘mon that are being used the most (and have the most battles won) by the MOBA’s top 20 players globally.

Despite its nerf, Eldegoss continues to be a favorite among pro Trainers. However, Lucario and Cinderace have risen to the top purely based on total matches.