Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans want 9-year-old feature to replace Terastals

Zackerie Fairfax
terastal vs mega evolution pokemon

Terastals are the newest gimmick to be introduced to the Pokemon franchise, but fans would rather have a mechanic from nine years ago make a return in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Gimmicks are to be expected with each new Pokemon release. From Triple Battles to Dynamaxing, each generation introduces a new battle mechanic, with many failing to stand the test of time.

There are some Pokemon gimmicks that instantly won over the hearts of countless fans, and there are others that are deemed forgettable. Generation 7’s Z-Moves stick out as one of the least favorite additions to the series.

But on the other end of the spectrum lies Mega Evolutions. A gimmick introduced in Gen 6, it’s been hailed as the greatest battle mechanic in Pokemon history by numerous fans, but had a very short lifespan in the mainline titles.

Mega Charizard Pokemon Go@PokemonGoApp
Mega Charizard X (and Y) are one of several Mega Evolutions.

Pokemon fans call for Mega Evolutions over Terastals

In a Reddit post made by user Early-Abroad-3771, they expressed how they thought Mega Evolutions had the greatest impact on the Pokemon franchise compared to any other gimmick. And with 11.6k upvotes, it’s safe to say a lot of trainers agree.

Early-Abroad went on to detail how they never see fan art made of other gimmicks. They rarely – if ever – see art made for Z-Moves, Gigantamaxes, or even the newly revealed Terastals.

And a dive into the 900+ comments reveals a lot of Pokemon fans feel the same way. One user stated, “I just want mega evolution back. It was way cooler and felt way more fair than Gigantamax, but more op than this new crystallize gimmick.”

Others agreed while offering their own theories as to why Mega Evolutions are so beloved. One user claimed it was because Megas have better and more memorable designs than other gimmicks. Another claimed it was because Mega Evolving made underutilized Pokemon viable for the first time in their existence.

A large number of users felt it a shame that Game Freak hadn’t continued to design new Mega Evolutions for each generation. There are still so many Pokemon that are underused or neglected, and giving them a Mega Evolution could give them the spotlight they need.

But with that being said, Mega Evolutions likely won’t make a return to the mainline games anytime soon. However, the existing Mega Evolutions live on in Pokemon Go and are released one at a time during special events.