Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fan sculpts insane Koraidon figure

Andrew Highton
legendary pokemon koraidon in scarlet and violet

One dedicated Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fan has shown off their unbelievable sculpting skills by crafting an identical model of Koraidon – Pokemon Scarlet’s legendary front-cover star.

We’re still several months out from the much-hyped release of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, the next mainline entries in the franchise, but we already know a great deal of information about the new games.

A few of the new creatures have already been shown off, some Gym Leaders have been revealed, and the new Terrastallizing gimmick has been demonstrated and explained.

But it’s the reveal of each game’s main legendary that has been a fascinating journey already with it being revealed that not only will they be available from the get-go, but they will be ridable too.

Their unique design has clearly resonated with a fan of the franchise as they have spent time creating an accurate sculpture of Pokemon Scarlet’s Koraidon.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Koraidon recreated brilliantly

Reddit user Dazzlingroseclay shared their work with the Pokemon community and the creation was rightly well-received as the full 10-inch figure looked spot on.

From the colors to the Pokemon’s array of protrusions, the creator got the look of Koraidon perfect and to do it to such scale is impressive.

Chattybird4eva said: “You did my boy justice! So cool!” and another user was very complimentary: “Quite amazing and perfectly proportioned. With that talent I am curious if you’ve ever thought about deviating from the official artwork portraying Pokemon with video game textures, going instead with more natural textures to give them more realistic features?”

It seems that cool, fanmade Pokemon concoctions are the order of the day recently as the famous Pokedex was recently handmade using a Nintendo DS of all things!

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is due to arrive on November 18, 2022, despite some reservations about the game’s graphics, the expectation levels for both games are very high.

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