Pokemon Unite adds Scarlet & Violet standout but players are divided

Nathan Ellingsworth
The Pokemon Ceruledge and Dragapult are locked in battle

Even a few years after its release, the MOBA title Pokemon Unite is still keeping up a steady pace of new playable characters, and now we know Ceruledge will be the next to drop.

The Ghost and Fire-type creature was added in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, and this armored apparition has proven popular with fans thanks to its great design, as well as its appearance in Pokemon Horizons, and its recent addition to Pokemon Go alongside Charcadet and Armarouge.

Details were revealed by the Unite X account, but while some players are thrilled to see Ceruledge join Unite’s cast, others are pointing out that the addition is only going to compound Unite’s apparent lack of Support and Defensive Pocket Monsters.

Underneath the announcement, several excited and positive comments celebrate the news. A comment says, “Yezzir!!!!!” Then, another adds, “Been looking forward to this, hopefully they play well” before another comment simply calls the Pokemon “KING CERULEDGE.”

However, the biggest sentiment in the comments seems to be around the consistent lack of Defensive and Support Pokemon, as one comment adds, “Let me guess: It’s going to be an Attacker, All-Rounder or a Speedster, isn’t it?”

Plenty of other comments back up this complaint, as one says, “More support and defenders please” while another (presumably sarcastic comment) adds, “Just what we needed…another attacker or speedster. Yippee. Hooray.”

The Pokemon Unite roster certainly does lean towards Attack-focused Pokemon, primarily because these are often the most popular Pokemon in the mainline games. Recent additions like Miraidon, Gyarados, and Falinks have all been either Attackers or All-Rounders.

Meanwhile, the last Defensive type added to Pokemon Unite was Umbreon, back in May 2023, so it has been nearly a year without any new Defensive or Support Pokemon joining the game, which may be compounding fan frustrations.

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