Pokemon Scarlet & Violet graphics prove we need a Nintendo Switch 2

pokemon trainer throwing ball in scarlet and violetGame Freak

Pokemon Presents offered a fabulous insight into Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s gameplay, but there’s still one overriding feeling I got when watching the footage – it could be a lot prettier.

When the Nintendo Switch launched in 2017, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were still relatively early on in their lifecycle and the power of graphics was still being harnessed and molded to see what was possible.

Now in 2022, the PS5 and Xbox Series X are king, and with unbelievable-looking AAA behemoths like Elden Ring, Horzion Forbidden West, and the upcoming God of War Ragnarok still continuing to break new ground in terms of visual opulence, the Nintendo Switch is starting to show its age.

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While Pokemon Scarlet & Violet looks to be a step up in loads of ways over the already stellar Pokemon Legends Arceus, it just feels that the whole experience could look so much better.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet graphics are ready to evolve

It feels like it was only yesterday the Pokemon community was up in arms over Legends Arceus’ graphics and questioning if they looked outdated.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is actually a decided improvement in terms of performance and appearance with the game boasting some of the crispest character models the franchise has ever seen.

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pokemon trainer riding koraidon in scarlet and violetGame Freak

But in terms of a major game that is already destined to sell countless copies to the millions of Nintendo Switch owners, it’s lacking that premium sheen and a stunning level of detail and depth that gamers now expect from their triple-A releases.

The terrain continues to look a bit janky and the overall scenery has a blocky roughness to it that takes away from what is going to be an unbelievable game of the year contender — plus the sharp-looking grass looks like it could be more effective than the Cut HM could ever hope to be.

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It seems like there’s going to be a ton of innovation in Scarlet & Violet, from outdoor Pokemon Centers to ridable Legendaries to even the incredible Terrastalizing mechanic.

With such a fascinating and expansive open world that I already feel compelled to witness the ins and outs of, it’s slightly disheartening to know that the environments likely won’t live up to the exciting content that resides in them.

Nintendo Switch 2 would make Shinies even shinier

Recent reports suggest that sales for the Nintendo Switch are finally slowing down and you’d have to imagine that either we’re either going to get a super-duper Pro version of the Switch or Nintendo is secretly manufacturing and perfecting the next generation of Nintendo consoles.

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crystal sprigatito in pokemon scarlet and violetGame Freak

It’s not just Pokemon that would benefit from something like this, either – Super Mario Odyssey upped the ante in terms of its size and scope, and Breath of the Wild is still mindboggling to this day.

But to reach that next level, these games need more hardware power to allow the graphics to go toe-to-toe with the immaculate gameplay.

This will allow the next major Mario game in the pipeline to effervesce and Breath of the Wild 2 to keep that link to the past, whilst ushering in the future. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet look like wonderful games that are clearly doing their best to move forward with the times.

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However, technical limitations continue to prevent the game’s exquisite art style from bursting out of its Kakun(a), showing that Pokemon can be pretty as well as powerful.