Literally every Pokemon appears in “fantastic” pixel art masterpiece

Em Stonham
Ash's team from Pokemon anime.

Ever wondered what your favorite Pokemon would look like in a 3 x 3 pixel art format? A talented artist recently took on the mammoth task of creating pixel versions of every single Pokemon.

There are over 1,000 Pokemon now – 1,025 to be exact, since the introduction of Scarlet & Violet – which can feel a little overwhelming as a Pokemon player. Keeping up to date with all the ‘mons and their evolutions is a massive task, but one creative community artist has it covered.

Posting their art to r/pokemon, the artist made waves with their simplistic but stunning takes on the entire Pokedex. Other Pokemon players were overjoyed to see the results, pointing out their favorites in the process.

Pokemon players in awe of “insanely well made” pixel fan art

Originally appearing in this post here, Pokemon player Laytonator shared their immense art piece with the caption “I made all 1025 Pokemon as 3×3 pixel art” and asked the other fans in the Subreddit if they could recognize all of the designs.

The other Pokemon players in the Subreddit were blown away by this piece, with one person calling the piece “insanely well made” and saying, “The fact that you managed to compress their detail to this scale and still have them be recognizable is a huge accomplishment”.

One thing that got people talking immediately was the “one pixel gang” – the Pokemon who were represented by a single pixel in the image. This included Ditto, Joltik, and Solosis.

An evolutionary chain that got a lot of attention in the replies was the Dratini evolutionary chain. One Pokemon player commented “obsessed with dratini and it’s evolutions lol” and Laytonator replied by enthusiastically calling Dratini “just a lil worm!”

Some Pokemon fans in the replies commented on how long the piece must have taken, with a few asking Laytonator about their creative process and how they picked out the colors for each ‘mon.

Laytonator shared their color palette and selection process, then shared that they’d ” been working on this since Alola, and updating/reworking with each new gen. Each mon took between a second to maybe 30 minutes depending on how complex it is haha”.

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