Pokemon fan creates real-life Pokedex and it’s absolutely incredible

Andrew Highton
pokemon pokedex opened

The Pokedex is at the heart and center of every Pokemon game, as it’s instrumental in helping you catch ’em all – and one fan has created their very own real-life version in Nintendo DS form.

Pokemon has countless iconic symbols and elements, from its roster of varied Pokemon to the gadgets used in the universe. Everyone knows the insta-catching power of a Master Ball and everyone knows their Pikachu from their Eevee.

But a key staple of the franchise that has been a mainstay since the beginning is the Pokedex, the useful piece of tech that features information on the Pokemon you encounter, as well as your surroundings.

Owning a real-life Pokedex is cool, but one Pokemon fan has made it even cooler by being able to convert a simple Nintendo DS into an awesome-looking replica of the series’ famous source of information.

Nintendo DS turned into actual Pokemon Pokedex

Reddit user tomvdcr showed off their craftsmanship skills in a recent post on the official Pokemon Reddit with a picture of their creation.

Taking a basic Nintendo DS Lite model and a Jakks Pacific Pokedex toy, they were able to strip down the Pokedex and manufacture an amalgamation of the two devices to create a real-life Pokedex in DS form.

It goes without saying that these currently cannot be mass produced given that it takes the user “10 hours” to make each one, and at the time of writing, this is only the 12th one they have been able to make so far.

According to the OP, if you want one of these for yourself, it will set you back $300 excluding shipping, which is understandable given the labor and parts involved.

“I make them on commissions, but that it is currently closed as the order list is full atm,” they added, clearly showing the demand for one is high.

Their hard work was acknowledged by the Pokemon community, who were thoroughly impressed by the piece of hardware.

“Nicely done. It looks official,” said one user, whereas another commented: “This is SO bad ass! Didn’t know I needed this until now!”

This is a neat idea that shows off the creativity of the Pokemon community. We wonder what kind of cool merchandise and fan-made opportunities will arise for the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet & Violet entries in the franchise.

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