Pokemon Go trainers question Niantic over not being able to gift Jirachi research ticket

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Pokemon Go trainers on Reddit are questioning Niantic after learning that you cannot gift the Jirachi Masterwork Research ticket to their friends.

Back in 2022, Niantic began giving Pokemon Go players the ability to gift ticketed research events to friends through the app.

It widely came in handy for parents who have kids playing the game and those who just simply want to treat their friends to the latest event.

On February 22, players on The Silph Road subreddit are now questioning Niantic after learning the ticket to encounter shiny Jirachi cannot be gifted to other players.

Pokemon Go players question Niantic over Jirachi gifting

In the post on February 21, a Redditor by the name of Jepassepartout shared a screenshot from Niantic support explaining that the Masterwork Research: Wish granted ticket cannot be gifted.

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The research, which gives players the chance to encounter shiny Jirachi, is regarded as one of the hardest events to date.

However, many are questioning Niantic’s thought process behind the choice to make it not giftable.

One user replied: “What’s up with this recent “we don’t want your money” way of managing the game?”

“I was going to give it to a friend. Guess not. Thanks for saving me some cash Niantic,” another Redditor replied.

A third player replied: “I had already told niece and nephew I’d be gifting them one as I do with many of these pay-to-play researches. Not anymore I guess!”

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On top of the players that normally gift paid tickets to friends and family, others were ready to gift the Masterwork Research due to how sought-after shiny Jirachi is.

It’s unknown if this will be a new trend for Niantic, or if trainers will be able to gift the next paid research ticket that’s released.