Pokemon players find “adorable” Applin detail in Scarlet & Violet

Nathan Ellingsworth
A screenshot from a Detective Pikachu animated short shows Applin rolling across a floor

While Pokemon Scarlet & Violet may have released many months ago, with such a huge amount of Pokemon and possible interactions with the world, fans are still digging up some entertaining details that help to bring the Pokemon to life.

There are some overt new features such as the fun Synchro Machine that add plenty of new animations. So much so, that players are even using Synchro Machine to create games of their own. Plus, Scarlet & Violet have so many more of these small details for players to discover throughout the games.

Players have found one such detail, in a post shared on Reddit by yuchan063, simply titled “Applin rolling down a slide”. While the video is pretty much exactly what you’d expected, fans are impressed with the way that Applin curls up and rolls down a slide like a ball.

A Pokemon fan in the comments points out a fantastic scientific connection, saying, “Newton called this gravity.” While another comment simply says, “Adorable.”

Plenty of fans in the comments are also using this as a chance to discuss the visuals of the games, as well as the small details that still make Generation 9 so endearing to so many.

“Stuff like this reminds me these could’ve been the best Pokemon games ever made if they’d given the devs enough time to finish them” explains one comment, before adding, “It’s obvious the devs still care so much about these games, and I just hope we’ll get to see them at their best again someday.”

Finally, another excited fan is already making plans for Applin’s evolutions, adding, “I hope the slide is big enough to fit a Hydrapple.” If you want one of your own of these powerful Pokemon, follow our how to get Hydrapple in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet guide for more.

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