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Pokemon Go: A Thousand Year Slumber research tasks and rewards guide

Published: 21/Aug/2019 13:39 Updated: 21/Aug/2019 13:57

by Paul Cot


Niantic might have been teasing its arrival for quite some time, but have now confirmed that Jirachi will be available for all trainers to catch in Pokemon Go.

It won’t be appearing in the wild though, unsurprisingly, and will instead be the final reward for completing the A Thousand Year Slumber special research quest.

The quest in search of the mythical Pokemon is broken into seven stages and from the looks of it won’t be completed quickly. There are various tricky tasks that will take a while to complete – but don’t worry we go through each of them here.


@PokemonGoAppFinally, Jirachi is in Pokemon Go!

A Thousand Year Slumber tasks list

A Thousand Year Slumber 1/7

  • Catch 25 Pokemon – 1,000 XP
  • Spin 10 PokeStops or Gyms – Jigglypuff Encounter
  • Make 3 new friends – Feebas Encounter
  • Rewards: Moss Lure, Glacial Lure and Magnetic Lure

A Thousand Year Slumber 2/7

  • Catch 3 Whismur – 10 Whismiur Candies
  • Evolve a Feebas – 1,500 XP
  • Get a gold medal for the Hoenn Pokedex – 1,500 XP
  • Rewards: 2,000 Stardust, 10 Pokeballs and 3 Incense

A Thousand Year Slumber 3/7

  • Take a snapshot of Loudred – Snorlax Encounter
  • Make 3 great throws in a row – 2,000 XP
  • Earn 3 candies walking with your buddy – 2,000 XP
  • Rewards: 20 Silver Pinap berries, 3 Star Pieces and 2,000 Stardust

A Thousand Year Slumber 4/7

  • Catch 50 psychic or steel-type Pokemon – 2,500 XP
  • Power up Pokemon 10 times – 2,500 XP
  • Send 10 gifts to friends – 2,500 XP
  • Rewards: Fast TM, Premium Raid Pass and Charge TM

A Thousand Year Slumber 5/7

  • Battle a team leader 3 times – Kricketune Encounter
  • Win against another trainer 7 times – 3,000 XP
  • Win 5 raids – 3,000 XP
  • Rewards: 3 Rare Candies, 20 Ultra Balls and 3,000 Stardust

A Thousand Year Slumber 6/7

  • Take 5 photos of psychic or steel-type Pokemon – Chimecho Encounter
  • Make 3 excellent curveball throws – Bronzong Encounter
  • Spin a Pokestop 7 days in a row
  • Rewards: 10 Silver Pinap berries, 10 Star Pieces and 5,000 Stardust

A Thousand Year Slumber 7/7

Given you have to spin Pokestops 7 days in a row, the final stage of the Jirachi special research quest is currently unknown. We will update it when it becomes apparent. The Pokemon will be waiting upon completion, though!

@OrangeHeart2018The tasks you’ll need to complete in order to get Jirachi…

Credit to OrangeHeart2018, via Reddit, for the list of tasks and rewards.

Fortunately, the pressure is somewhat off when you do finally encounter it as you will have unlimited attempts to catch the Wish Pokemon.


There will be one Gen 3 Pokemon remaining once you catch Jirachi, though. Kecleon will be the last Pokemon from the Hoenn region to be released.

Other special research quests

A Thousand Year Slumber isn’t the only special research quest to complete, there is currently the A Troubling Situation and Jump-Start research quests to do.