What is Pokemon TCG Super Electric Breaker?

Em Stonham
Pikachu with hat and question marks behind it.

Discussion around a potential Pokemon TCG set called either Supercharged Breaker or Super Electric Breaker has been taking place in the Pokemon community for a few weeks now, looking at a rumored set that could focus on the series mascot Pikachu.

A recently claimed trademark noted on Chizai Watch has added fuel to the fire, leading many to think that the next Pokemon TCG expansion set name is now out in the open.

Nothing has been officially confirmed by The Pokemon Company with regards to this potential release and what it could be, but a trademark was officially filed on May 10 this year for Superden Breaker OCR/超電ブレイカー/Super Electric Breaker.

As noted by PokeGuardian, the section that this trademark was filed under is for games, toys, and playthings, which is where trading card game trademarks would be. It’s unlikely that this would be for anything video-game related, as we know that the next releases on the way are Pokemon TCG Pocket and Pokemon Legends Z-A.

It is believed that this trademark could be for a main expansion set coming out in Japan this October. Not much else is known about what this set could look like, but the name indicates that it could center around the series mascot Pikachu, or other fan-favorite Electric-types like Zapdos or Raikou.

A Pikachu-centric expansion set would likely go down well with long-term fans, as the electric critter doesn’t often get featured as the star of the show in Pokemon TCG expansion sets. It’s possible that we could see some interesting Electric Tera-type ‘mons here too, but this is speculation on our part.

It’s worth reiterating that nothing has been officially confirmed by The Pokemon Company with regards to Super Electric Breaker at the time of writing. Once we know more about it or any other upcoming releases like the alleged Paradise Dragona, we’ll be sure to update this article.

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