How to transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon HOME

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Pokemon HOME’s long awaited intergration with Pokemon Go is finally here, and slowly the feature is being rolled out to trainers of all levels.

As of writing only Pokemon Go trainers Level 33 and above can transfer their hard-earned ‘mons to Pokemon HOME. We expect this to be made available for all trainers in the coming days.

Before we go into the instructions on how to initiate the transfers, it’s important to note that any Pokemon transferred from Go to HOME are permanent. That means you won’t be able to transfer them back.

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GO Transporter Energy

Transfers from GO to Home are initiated with the GO Transporter device. Before we get to that though, you’ll first need to link your Pokemon Go with Pokemon HOME.

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  1. Open settings by clicking the PokeBall in the bottom-center of your screen to open the main menu. The settings button can be found in the top-right hand corner.
  2. Click Pokemon HOME
  3. Using the Sign In button login to your Nintendo account that’s associated with Pokemon HOME
  4. Your Go and HOME accounts are now synced and you can return to the Pokemon HOME button to send Pokemon

When you do you’ll be presented with the GO Transporter device. It comes with 10,000 energy which is what’s used to transfer your ‘mons.

Depending on the Pokemon you are transferring – standard, Shiny, Legendary, etc – it will cost varying amounts of energy. The energy costs to transfer from Pokemon Go to Pokemon HOME can be expensive.

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The GO Transporter will recharge energy at a rate of 60 per hour, until it reaches its maximum of 10,000. You can speed this process up though, by using PokeCoins. Every one PokeCoin will recharge it by 10, so a full recharge costs 1,000.

Pokemon Go HOME Transfer InstructionsPokemon Company
Transfer Pokemon from Go to HOME with a few simple steps…

With the understanding of how the GO Transporter works, here’s how to transfer Pokemon:

  1. With your Nintendo account connected, reselect Pokemon HOME from settings as outlined above
  2. Click continue on the GO Transporter energy screen
  3. Select the Pokemon you want to transfer – you can select multiple
  4. Confirm the Pokemon you want to transfer as well as the energy cost of doing so
  5. An animation will display showing the GO Transporter in action – a confirmation message will show those Pokemon have been transfered from Go to HOME.