Pokemon Scarlet & Violet in-game poster could hint at Pokemon Gen 10 region

Scott Baird
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet in-game poster could hint at Pokemon Gen 10 region

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players believe a piece of in-game artwork may hint at the location of the region for the next generation of games.

The Pokemon games have been hinting at future titles since the 3DS era, with Pokemon X & Y having hidden references to Hoenn, which pointed towards the unannounced remakes of Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire.

These hints aren’t necessarily accurate, though. Many fans are still upset that The Pokemon Company skipped the Unova remakes in favor of Pokemon Legends Z-A, despite there being hints in the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC.

Still, fans love to point at any in-game asset and think they’ve spotted a reference to a game in development. Case in point: a thread on the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Reddit about a piece of artwork that might hint at the next region being based on Italy or Greece, based on the buildings seen in the image.

The fact that the text describes it as a “different region” excites fans, especially since so many recent Pokemon games have dropped subtle hints about their next location.

But what kind of region is it? Generation 10 is going to be a huge milestone for Pokemon, with many fans believing it will return to Japan, but there have also been many European countries represented in the latter half of the mainline series.

Italy would continue the theme of European countries appearing in Pokemon, and there’s potential for a wide scope of Roman mythology-themed ‘mons. The same is true of Greece, as fans have been waiting for a Pegasus-themed Legendary since the days of Gen 1.

We won’t know for sure if the poster is a hint until we get a proper Gen 10 reveal, which may be a few years away, considering Pokemon Legends Z-A isn’t coming out until 2025. If the Gen 10 games are based on Italy or Greece, we can all feel smug for finding the hint the developers left for us in Paldea.

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