Pokemon Go trainers call Riolu Hatch Day a “great event” despite backlash

Chris Studley
Riolu appearing in Pokemon GoNiantic

The Pokemon Go Riolu Hatch Day event proved to be a hit with some despite skepticism and criticism from some players prior to its start.

Pokemon Go trainers have had to contend with a lot of content over the past week. Niantic rolled out a new Routes feature, and debuted Legendary Pokemon Zygarde as part of new Special Research.

Niantic also held a Riolu Hatch Day on July 22 from 2-5 PM local time, one that granted trainers an increased opportunity to get the Fighting-type Pokemon.

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Prior to the event, some trainers indicated uneasiness towards the event due to the reward bonuses. However, it does look it was a hit among several trainers.

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Riolu Hatch Day a hit among some Pokemon Go players

Niantic launched the Riolu Hatch Day event in Pokemon Go on July 22. While there were some concerns from players prior to the launch, it did look like trainers enjoyed the bonuses that the Go developer had to offer.

On Reddit, one player posted a screenshot of Eggs received during the Riolu Hatch Day event in Pokemon Go. The trainer stated that it “looks like only 2km eggs” for the event, and “I can’t believe words coming out of me mouth but its actually a great event.”

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Another player reported to have a 1:6 Shiny ratio of Riolu hatches during the event.

This comes after several Pokemon Go players criticized Niantic’s direction for the Hatch Day on social media just a few days earlier. Several trainers highlighted a lack of reduction in hatch distance and that Riolu wouldn’t be the only Pokemon in 2km Eggs. Based upon reports from players, it looks like the latter issue didn’t prove to be a major issue for some.

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However, it is important to note that this is purely anecdotal. Several commenters did push back, claiming that they received 10km Eggs during the Riolu event. The Shiny rates also varied among Go trainers, per reports.

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