Pokemon Go players disappointed with Riolu Hatch Day bonuses

Chris Studley
Riolu from Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go players expressed their disappointment over the details for Niantic’s upcoming Riolu Hatch Day.

Pokemon Go players will get an increased chance to get a Riolu, as well as the Shiny version, next week as part of a special Hatch Day event.

However, there are quite a few Go players unhappy with Niantic’s plans for the event. Several have expressed disinterest with the event, due to poor incentives and its length.

Pokemon Go players take issue with Riolu Hatch Day

Niantic confirmed the schedule and rewards for the upcoming Riolu Hatch Day, which will begin on July 22. On this day, Pokemon Go players will have the increased opportunity to hatch Riolu and the Shiny version of the Fighting-type Pokemon from 2km Eggs. Additionally, players will get twice as much Stardust from hatched Eggs.

Thus far, the rewards set for Hatch Day have not impressed Go players on social media.

Several Pokemon Go players took aim at the short time frame for the event, the fact that Riolu will not be the only Pokemon that can be hatched from Eggs during the event, and that hatch distance will not be reduced for the event.

One player commented on the event, “So, Riolu is not the only thing in 2kms, 2kms are not guaranteed and its full incubator distance? And only 3 hours long – this is a pass.” Another harshly stated, “This event is terrible lol.”

Players also expressed concern that this could be a precedent for the future. One stated regarding this format, “Ya know, this could be how they’ll inevitably release Shiny Larvesta in the future…”

This is not the first time this week that Go players have shown frustration with Niantic’s product. Earlier in the week, several Pokemon fans expressed disdain over the frequency that a “dumb pink dog” shows up as a reward.

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