Kanto lover baffled by Pokemon Go “Cthulhu monsters”

Joe Pring
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Pokemon Go’s Ultra Beasts have given a Kanto enthusiast something of a fright after their first encounter with the interdimensional ‘mons.

Baffled by the unconventional design of Guzzlord and seeking clarity from fellow Trainers on Reddit about its origins, the Gen 1 player didn’t beat around the bush. “Wtf is this nightmare fuel?” they began.

“I am not touching any of the latest Gen games if there’s more of these Cthulhu monsters showing up,” they continued.

Responses to the author’s query ranged from helpful to humorous. “This guy is an alien version of Snorlax. He just won’t stop eating,” came one apt description.

“To be honest, they aren’t really Pokemon. They are more akin to aliens”, read another.

pokemon go guzzlord
The “nightmare fuel” in question

Officially, Ultra Beasts are recognized as Pokemon hailing from another dimension, utilizing Ultra Space (read: wormholes) to reach our own. The offshoot species debuted in 2016’s Sun and Moon alongside specialized Beast Balls.

Since then, the Alolan visitors have made the jump to Pokemon Go and appear intermittently. In the case of this shocked Gen 1 fan, the Guzzlord they encountered was a result of the Inbound From Ultra Space event.

“Just Pokemon from different universes. Wait until we get the Paradox Pokemon,” another reply to the author cautioned, referring to Scarlet and Violet‘s past and future variations of existing Pocket Monsters.

Whether this particular Kanto fan stuck around after their run-in with Guzzlord, we’ll never know. Trainers with the fortitude to look upon Guzzlord’s visage and not run in the other direction can enjoy a ton of boosts during Pokemon Go’s limited-time Inbound From Ultra Space affair.

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