Pokemon Go players convinced Niantic is highballing with Remote Raid prices

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Pokemon Go players think developer Niantic is highballing Remote Raid Pass prices following the news that prices would increase and daily uses would decrease.

The news that Pokemon Go developer Niantic plans to raise the price of Remote Raid Passes and decrease their number of daily uses has not sat well with the game’s community.

Trainers have started a massive Change.org petition to get Niantic’s attention, while others have already said their goodbyes to Pokemon Go ahead of the steadily approaching April 6 update.

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Now, some players have started theorizing that Niantic is simply threatening to raise Remote Raid Pass prices to generate outrage and then lower the price slightly to get trainers to pay more overall.

Pokemon Go players theorize about Remote Raid Pass changes

Posts surrounding the Remote Raid Pass nerfs have generated a lot of attention on the Pokemon Go subreddit, where some have created conspiracy theories about Niantic’s plans moving forward.

One user created a thread titled, “Tinfoil hats on: Hanke is playing 4D chess with us,” which gained nearly 2,000 upvotes in less than 24 hours. The post featured a meme that essentially said Niantic doubled the price of the Remote Raid Pass to generate outrage.

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The fan goes on to suggest that following that outrage, Niantic would lower Remote Raid Pass prices from 195 Pokecoins down to 150, where players would celebrate the “lower price,” all while still paying 50% more than before.

Another post on the same subreddit proposed a different theory and claimed that data miners had discovered that Remote Raid Pass prices were intended to be set at 150 Pokecoins with a 6-per-day limit, which would suggest that Niantic’s blog post was meant to generate false outrage.

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Reputable Pokemon Go data mining team PokeMiners did find evidence that Niantic had planned to lower the daily use limit of Remote Raid Passes well before the announcement. However, there was no indication that the price was meant to be set at 150 Pokecoins.

It remains to be seen whether or not these fan conspiracies hold any weight, but one thing is clear: fans are not happy with Niantic’s decision to nerf these Passes.

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