Pokemon Go fan celebrates Halloween with clever Galarian Mr Mime AR horror video

Pokemon Go galarian mr mime headerThe Pokemon Company / Pixabay

Pokemon Go fans are getting into the Halloween spirit as one trainer made a bone-chilling Augmented Reality video featuring Galarian Mr Mime.

With over 905 Pokemon, there are bound to be some that stand out as the creepiest monsters of the bunch.

However, not every scary Pokemon is relegated to the Ghost type, like Parasect for example which is basically a Pokemon zombie.

Now, one Pokemon Go fan is getting into the Halloween spirit a bit early after making an eerie AR horror video around one of Pokemon’s creepiest creatures: Mr Mime.

Pokemon Go fan makes Mr Mime AR horror video

The post comes from Twitter user coffinviiper, which features Galarian Mr Mime happily skipping down a lonely countryside road.

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The video itself features a cold, VHS filter overlayed on top with an eerie music box tune contrasting Galarian Mr Mime’s stroll.

The person filming the video cautiously walks past Mr Mime before passing them and turning around. Unfortunately, the Mr Mime pops up in front of the person filming, cutting off their path before the video ends.

The video itself is pretty clever, utilizing Pokemon Go’s AR functionality to show Galarian Mr Mime hopping down a real-life road.

The original poster simply had to add a VHS filter and creepy music box audio to turn a normal scene into something out of a horror movie.

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This isn’t the first time Mr Mime has terrified the Pokemon community and plenty of fans voiced praise for the creative video in the tweet’s replies.

“Thanks for the nightmare! I think if he finds me I’m probably gonna just die,” said Twitter user ThePokemanGoes.

Another fan said, “It will ask if you bought the event ticket. If you answer wrong…” referencing how players need to purchase tickets to attend in-person events like Pokemon Go Fest.

Of course, not every trainer out there views Mr Mime as a scary Pokemon, but this haunting Twitter video certainly isn’t doing the Ice/Psychic-type any favors.

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