Pokemon community “terrified” over perfect Mr Mime evolution idea

Published: 4/Jan/2021 23:20

by Brent Koepp


A Pokemon fan went viral after creating a new regional variant and evolution line for Mr. Mime. The “terrifying” new take on the dancing clown will give fans nightmares. 

Originally making its debut in Pokemon Red & Blue in 1996 as a Psychic monster, Mr. Mime has seen several changes over the years. In 2019’s Sword & Shield, the character even got an Ice evolution called Mr. Rime.

Fans of the RPG were blown away when a talented artist designed a new Dark-type variant for the popular character. The brilliant concept gives a chilling new spin to the dancing clown.

Screenshot of Mr. Mime in Pokemon anime.
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
The beloved clown got a sinister new evolution in a viral fan creation.

Pokemon fan creates new Dark-type Mr. Mime evolution

Regional forms were introduced in 2016’s Sun & Moon. For the first time ever, Pokemon could have a new type or design altogether depending on the location that the game takes place in.

A fan went viral after posting their creative new take on Mr. Mime. User PTickles, also known as or.homeless, re-imagined the Ccown as a sinister Dark-type variant.

In their incredible new regional form concept art, Mr. Mime. acts as a puppet master of sorts, creepily dangling its first evolution form, Mime Jr., with strings like a marionette.

The clown then evolves into Mastermime, which sees the character now controlling a Mr. Mime on strings instead. The implications of the character puppeteering its former evolution lines are pretty chilling.

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The Pokemon community loved the design, such as one user who exclaimed, “Mastermime is a f**king great name.” Agreeing, another fan replied, “By far the best made up mon Ive seen yet.” Another wrote, “This is f**king awesome. Well done! The design is so sinister and I love it!”

Screenshot of Pokemon fan reacting to new Mr. Mime evolution concept art.

The talented artist also took the extra step to create in-depth Pokedex entries for the new variants, and even included a list of all the moves the it would learn at each level.

Regional forms are one of the more interesting mechanics introduced into the Pokemon series, as the possibilities are endless for how our favorite ‘mon may be re-imagined.


Sailor Moon x Disney crossover Overwatch skin is the perfect fit for Mercy

Published: 16/Jan/2021 0:45

by Bill Cooney


One dedicated Overwatch fan and Mercy stan has come up with an awesomely creative skin design for the hero that mixes Sailor Moon and the Disney classic Snow White all into one.

Concepts for fairytale skins have been a favorite of Overwatch players almost since the game was introduced. While there are even a few oficial ones in Overwatch now (like Red Riding Hood Ashe and Dragon Mercy), there’s no way Blizzard would be able to keep up with all the ideas floating around out there.

That hasn’t stopped the artistically talented fans among us from adding on to that pile though, and one of the best we’ve seen lately is from artist u/aerisycloud. Their creation combines not not only Disney’s Snow White, but also everyone’s favorite Guardian of Earth, Sailor Moon, into a Mercy skin that fits the hero just perfectly.

Mercy Snow White skin concept
A skin that might even give Mercy’s pink skin a run for its money in popularity.

This skin would be one of the few that recasts Mercy as a brunette, obviously a nod to Snow White. The colors and materials are also reminiscent of the fairy tale, but the cut and boots are practically common-issue for the Sailor Scouts.

Her Cadecus Pistol and Staff, along with her wings, are now solid gold (whether this is with or without 3000 CP is unknown), which would also pass in an instant for accessories that Sailor Moon would rock.

We love seeing these kinds of skin concepts, especially ones as cool as this, but it can be easy to forget how much time and effort goes into each one. To show us how much work it took, along with the finished product, aerisycloud also posted a time-lapse of their creation – which is worth watching in its own right.

My Mercy skin idea: Snow White x Sailor Moon from Overwatch

If this skin were to be made, it’d also be neat to see a Torbjorn skin featuring him as one of the Seven Dwarfs (Grumpy, preferably), and a voice clip along the lines of “Moon healing… escalation!” as a nod towards the anime.

As far as actual in-game skins go, you can currently unlock the new Kyogisha Hanzo skin until January 25, and the 2021 Lunar New Year event — which brings a ton of new skins with it — should get going shortly after that wraps up.