Pokemon Go Cyndaquil Community Day ticket divides player base

Em Stonham
Cyndaquil with a torn paper background.

Taking part in a Pokemon Go Community Day is a great way to stock up on Candies for your favorite critters. They usually feature rare or interesting Pokemon – or in the case of Community Day Classic events, they feature iconic Pokemon with strong fan bases.

While they can be a lot of fun to take part in, they are just as divisive as any other Pokemon Go event, especially when you take paid tickets into account.

The ticket for the upcoming Cyndaquil Community Day Classic was dug into heavily by players in a recent fan discussion, getting shared initially with a player questioning whether it was even worth purchasing. The response was, predictably, mixed.

Some players shared their excitement about the Cyndaquil Community Day Classic, dubbing Cyndaquil as one of their favorite ‘mons or noting that they’d be playing the event with loved ones.

One excited player joked, “My spouse loves these, so I will gain some awesome Good Husband Points by buying it for her and sending her the gift. Winning!” Other players immediately introduced themselves in the replies as the player’s spouse, hoping to get a free ticket in the process.

Another Pokemon Go player reminisced about their first experiences in the franchise, saying, “When I was a kid this Pokemon was my first choice of the 3 you get when you start out so this Community Day I will be out in full force.”

Some Pokemon Go fans weren’t sold, though. One irritated reader commented, “I stopped buying the community day tickets. They require too many resources for garbage encounters. They usually involve “Evolve 1/2/3 of the event Pokemon”. But that eats up all the candy that we JUST earned via the event.”

Another player declared, “None of that is worth anything. You can get it from playing for several minutes, a showcase, and a raid.”

Whether you’re a fan of Community Day tickets or you’re giving this one a miss, make sure to check out our Pokemon Go event hub for all the current events in the game. There’s lots to get excited about this year as a player, ranging from Egg hatching events to intense Raids.