Pokemon fans explain why New Game Plus mode needs to be added

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The Pokemon series has often been criticized for its lack of replayability, and so now fans are calling for Game Freak to add a ‘New Game Plus’ mode to fix this.

Some older Pokemon games have featured substantial post-game content such as Emerald’s Battle Frontier and Heart Gold/Soul Silver allowing players to explore two separate regions.

However, the newer entries have placed less focus on the post-game leaving some fans disgruntled that once the story is complete there isn’t all that much to do outside of competitive battling and shiny hunting.

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Pokemon fans believe New Game Plus could be the answer

A user shared their thoughts on the Pokemon Reddit suggesting that a New Game Plus mode could be the answer. They highlight how adding such a mode would “heighten the replayability,” and make it easier to use and train bred low-level Pokemon after finishing a playthrough.

Other users chimed in explaining why they feel a New Game Plus mode would be useful. If introduced a New Game Plus mode would allow players to start over. New Game Plus modes in JRPGs are often more difficult and allow players to access mode-exclusive content.

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An optimistic fan envisions what New Game Plus could look like in Pokemon: “Imagine replaying the story and facing Nemona with a level 70 Fuecoco, then facing level 100 Koraidon/Miraidon at the end. The first playthrough gets you used to the game and the second is the real challenge.”

Another supporter said: “It’d be so sick to offer that. Improved AI for wild encounters and trainers.”

Not everyone agrees that it would be a good addition though. Some replies raise the point that having to potentially recapture hundreds of Pokemon isn’t ideal. Other fans aren’t convinced that Pokemon has a strong enough story to justify wanting to play through it again in the first place.

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One user states: “The only way I would ever personally use a New Game Plus feature would be if it saved all the Pokemon I captured and I re-gained access to them after beating the game.”

Another cynical user doubts this will ever happen: “Let’s be honest: Pokemon should have a lot of things. Unfortunately, Game Freak does the bare minimum to please the Nintendo/TCPI overlords that force them to push out a mainline game nearly every year.”

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Interestingly, one mainline Pokemon entry did trial a New Game Plus mode of sorts. On Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, players could replay the game in either Easy Mode or Hard Mode after defeating the champion. Although it was limited as each mode was exclusive to either Black 2 or White 2.

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