New Pokemon Snap locations guide: all Lental region islands

new pokemon snap underwaterThe Pokemon Company / Bandai Namco

New Pokemon Snap introduces players to the Lental region, which contains over 200 ‘mon to find and photograph throughout many different islands. But how many locations are there exactly?

After 22 years of waiting, Pokemon Snap fans have finally been treated to the next installment in the series on the Nintendo Switch, a console that couldn’t be more fitting for the point-and-shoot photography game. Not only are there a whole horde of new features, there are a ton of different zones too.

The original had seven locations ranging from a volcano to a cloud level in the heavens – does the 2021 game have more? Here’s what you need to know.

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bidoof in new pokemon snapNintendo / Bandai Namco
Many different Pokemon live throughout the Lental region.

All locations in New Pokemon Snap

There are 11 courses in total in New Pokemon Snap, technically double that if you include the day and night versions of each one.

Each area is on an island, and islands can have multiple zones for you to visit. The locations are as follows:

Location Island Pokemon
Florio Nature Park Florio Island Click here
Founja Jungle Belusylva Island Click here
Blushing Beach Belusylva Island Click here
Elsewhere Forest Belusylva Island Click here
Lental Seafloor Maricopia Island Click here
Maricopia Reef Maricopia Island Click here
Sweltering Sands Maricopia Island Click here
Fireflow Volcano Voluca Island Click here
Shiver Snowfields Durice Island Click here
Outaway Cave Durice Island Click here
Ruins of Remembrance Aurus Island Click here

Areas in the photography title have hidden routes for players to discover via the new Scan feature, and these pathways house many Pokemon not seen anywhere else on the island so it’s worth running through zones multiple times to see what you can discover.

Levels have a daytime and a nighttime version, and different creatures show up depending on what the time of day is. Driving through the Jungle at midnight is terrifying but very rewarding!

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new pokemon snap beach courseThe Pokemon Company
Different Pokemon show up depending on the time of day.

Over 200 ‘mon are in the game, meaning you’ve got your work cut out for you if you want to complete your Photodex. For the full list, check out our guide here.

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