Ultimate Pokemon Snap quiz – how well do you know the N64 classic?

pokemon snap box artNintendo / HAL Laboratories

With New Pokemon Snap bringing the photography game into the modern day on Nintendo Switch, it’s the perfect time for veteran fans to test their knowledge on the N64 classic. But how much do you really remember?

After almost 22 years, the classic point-and-shoot photography game is back. New Pokemon Snap invites players to the Lental region where they study the strange Illumina phenomenon for Professor Mirror, while taking snapshots of over 200 new ‘mon along the way.

With all the excitement around the new game, it’s easy to forget the series’ roots which started on the Nintendo 64 all the way back in 1999 – feel old yet? We’re here to test your knowledge on the beloved classic to see if you’re an amateur with the camera or a Snap pro.

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Pokemon Snap quiz – how much do you remember?

Our quiz covers everything a Pokemon Snap Master should know. How many ‘mon are in the game? How do you evolve Magikarp into Gyarados? These questions might sound easy, but will you remember everything?

This test isn’t for the faint-hearted – it’ll take real skill to get top marks, so let’s see how you fare. Are you a snapshot king? Or do you need more photography lessons?

So, how did you fare? Are you a seasoned Pokemon photographer who knows everything there is to know about the original game? Or do you need a few more pointers from Professor Oak?

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Some of the questions are only things a true shutterbug would know – we told you it wasn’t going to be easy! But if you’re a top fan, you should get a score of at least 10, if not more.

Let us know how you scored on our dedicated Pokemon Twitter, @PokemonSwordNS. We’d love to see!