How to catch Dedenne in Pokemon Go & can it be Shiny?


Shiny Dedenne has finally made its Pokemon Go debut as part of the Twinkling Fantasy event, so here’s how you can catch one.

The adorable Electric/Fairy-type Pokemon from the Kalos region made its debut during the Festival of Lights event back in November 2021, but Trainers have been unable to get its Shiny form… until now!

As part of the Twinkling Fantasy event, which begins on January 10 and runs until January 16, Shiny Dedenne will be available to encounter (if you’re lucky) for the first time in the mobile game.

Below, you’ll find all the information you need to find and add Dedenne to your collection, and details about its current Shiny availability.

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Dedenne in Pokemon Go's Festival of LightsNiantic
Trainers can now catch Dedenne and get one step closer to completing their Pokedex.

How to catch Dedenne in Pokemon Go

There are three main ways you can catch Dedenne during the Twinkling Fantasy event:

  • As an encounter in the wild (if you’re lucky).
  • As a reward for completing specific Field Research tasks.
  • By defeating it in a 3-Star Raid Battle.

Although encounters in the wild are the easiest way to catch Dedenne, it’s a waiting game until they spawn, so it might be best to hunt down 3-Star Raid Battles which you should be able to complete solo.

The best counters to use against Dedenne in Raid Battles are strong Poison and Ground-types, as it’s weak against these attacks. Some good counters are Excadrill, Roserade, Gengar, and Vileplume.

It’s likely that Dedenne will go back to being a rare spawn once the Twinkling Fantasy event is over, so now is the perfect time to stock up on Candy and try and find a Shiny variant!

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Can Dedenne be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

The good news is that Shiny Dedenne is now available to encounter in Pokemon Go. It made its debut on January 10, 2023, as part of the Twinkling Fantasy event.

As with any Shiny Pokemon, finding a Shiny Dedenne will be incredibly difficult. There’s not much you can do to increase your chances other than catching as many Dedenne as possible during this event.

Does Dedenne have an evolution?

Dedenne is the only member of its Pokemon family, meaning it cannot evolve in Pokemon Go – or any game, for that matter. Despite its resemblance to both Pikachu and Raichu, it’s not related to them.

While this does reduce the appeal of catching them, it also means you only need to catch one if you simply want to keep your Pokedex up to date. There’s no need to farm loads of Candy.

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