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How to block goals in Pokemon Unite

Published: 11/Aug/2021 21:22 Updated: 11/Aug/2021 22:42

by Brent Koepp


In the TiMi Studios MOBA, matches can be won or lost depending on whether a player scoring Aeos Orbs is interrupted. Here is a guide on how to block a goal in Pokemon Unite.

While Pokemon Unite pits 10 characters to battle it out against each other, the team that has the most points by the end of the contest is ultimately who wins the match.

Stopping enemies from turning in their Aeos Orbs is key to securing a victory. This guide will break down how to actually block goals in the TiMi Studios MOBA.

Pokemon Unite Wigglytuff scoring goal
The Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
In Unite, Trainers can actually interrupt players scoring goals.

Blocking goals in Pokemon Unite

In Standard and Ranked matches, each team has a total of three goal zones. If you manage to reach one, you can hold or tap a button to turn in your Aeos Orbs for points.


It’s not that simple, though, as scoring isn’t actually instant. When a Trainer initiates a score sequence, their Pokemon will then play out an animation that, once complete, will slam the orbs into the zone.

It’s during this moment that you can strike and interrupt the sequence, which denies them the goal. Below we will explain how you can block them.

How to block a goal in Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Snorlax Defender blocks goal
The Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
Pokemon like Snorlax are perfect for blocking goals in Unite.
  • Step 1: Look for an opponent on a goal zone that is in the middle of a score sequence. On your mini-map, there will be a white circle around their name that slowly fills up. The ‘mon will also have particle effects around them as they are about to score.
  • Step 2: Immediately engage them and use a special ability move (basic attacks often don’t work). The best way to block goals is to use abilities that have a knockback effect, shove, or stun effect to them.
  • Step 3: Once you knock them out of the sequence, the game will count this as a block. You should make sure to finish off the enemy as they can trigger the score sequence again.

Best abilities to block goals in Pokemon Unite

The best abilities for blocking in Unite will have a shove or knockback effect. However, there are other moves that also get the job done such as stun and sleep attacks.

Most Pokemon in the game will have at least one move that can easily interrupt a player trying to score. Below is a list of the abilities we feel are the best for blocking goals in Unite.


Pokemon Image Ability
Absol Midnight Slash (Shove / Knockback)
Alolan Ninetales Blizzard (Shove / Knockback)
Alolan Ninetales Dazzling Gleam (Stun)
Blastoise Water Gun (Shove / Knockback)
Blastoise Hydro Pump (Shove / Knockback / Stun)
Blastoise Surf (Shove / Knockback / Stun)
Cinderace Blaze Kick (Knockback / Up)
Cramorant Surf (Knockback / Pull)
Cramorant Hurricane (Stun)
Crustle Rock Slide (Unable to move)
Crustle X-Scissor (Shove / Knockback / Stun)
Garchomp Dragon Rush (Shove / Knockback)
Garchomp Dragon Claw (Knockback)
Garchomp Livid Outrage (Throws)
Gardevoir Moonblast (Unable to act)
Fairy Singularity (Shove / Knockback)
Gengar Sludge Bomb (Poison damage)
Gengar Lick (Pull)
Lucario Power-Up Punch (Shove / Knockback)
Lucario Meteor Smash (Shove)
Lucario Bone Rush (Stun)
Lucario Close Combat (Knockback / Stun)
Machamp Submission (Throw)
Machamp Barrage Blow (Shove / Knockback)
Mr. Mime Fake Out (Knockback)
Mr. Mime Confusion (Shove / Knockback)
Mr. Mime Psychic (Stun)
Mr. Mime Showtime (Stun)
Pikachu Electro Web (Unable to move)
Pikachu Volt Tackle (Knocks target up)
Pikachu Thunderbolt (Stun)
Slowbro Surf (Knockback)
Telekinesis (Pull)
Slowbro Slowbeam (Holds enemy in place)
Snorlax Heavy Slam (Knocks enemy up in the air)
Snorlax Block (Shove / Knockback)
Snorlax Yawn (Stun / Puts to sleep)
Talonflame Flame Sweep (Opponents carried to new location)
Wigglytuff Sing (Stun/ Sleep)
Zeraora Slash (Throws)

Pokemon Unite medals

After every match, players are given medals for their performance. One of these accolades is the “Goal Interruptor” award which is given to the Trainer who stops the most goals being scored in the match.

Those looking to score the badge should use the moves listed above to interrupt as many goals as possible. For our Pokemon Unite Badge Meaning guide, check it out here.