Ethereal Ogerpon promo card unveiled for Pokemon TCG Twilight Masquerade

Em Stonham
Pokemon TCG Ogerpon ETB with sky background.

Excited for the next Pokemon TCG entry? A gorgeous Ogerpon promo card has been unveiled that fans can expect to see in the Twilight Masquerade ETB.

Ogerpon has had a meteoric rise in popularity in the Pokemon community and this has translated to the Pokemon TCG scene, too. It’s an adorable ‘mon that’s gathered a cult following of sorts.

A gorgeous new Ogerpon promo card was unveiled recently and it’s just been confirmed by the official Pokemon Center site that fans will be able to get it in the upcoming Twilight Masquerade Elite Trainer Box. This upcoming set will be dropping on May 24th and there’s a lot to get hyped about.

Ogerpon promo Pokemon card.
Ogerpon promo Pokemon card.

The promo card shown above will be a big driving force for the Twilight Masquerade Elite Trainer Box. This ETB should be pretty standard fare – the Pokemon Center website mentions that it will have the usual Booster Packs, promo cards, themed sleeves, and other TCG accessories.

Pokemon fans were buzzed about this promo card when it was shown off online, with one person on X calling it beautiful and another pointing out how much more they liked it than the SAR cards which were shown off recently.

The SAR cards mentioned here are the recently revealed Mask of Change cards featuring Ogerpon. Fans weren’t quite so excited about these cards, mentioning how they could’ve been a lot more exciting.

The Ogerpon promo card is looking like it’ll be a must-have for collectors, so make sure to check out your favorite card store and see if they’ve got pre-orders open for the Elite Trainer Box yet. We’ve got a guide with our recommendations for retailers, check it out here.