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Pokemon Go x Ed Sheeran event: Special performance, start time & how to watch

Published: 22/Nov/2021 15:48

by Connor Knudsen


Ed Sheeran is teaming up with Pokemon Go for a unique event featuring a special performance, exclusive items, and Water-type spawns. Here’s everything you need to know, including the start time and how to watch.

Pokemon Go is no stranger to creating new and exciting events for players to enjoy, and The Pokemon Company at large is certainly not afraid to go after the biggest collaborations.

Working with Oreo to make exclusive cookies and with Post Malone for the Pokemon 25 celebration, the franchise has remained a zeitgeist for fans of all ages, especially throughout 2021.

Now, Ed Sheeran is getting in on the collaboration action. The artist’s event features a special performance to celebrate his new album, in-game items, and increased wild encounters of Water-type Pokemon.



pokemon go ed sheeran
Ed Sheeran / The Pokemon Company
A collaboration with Ed Sheeran? It’s unusual, but it’s also happening.

Pokemon Go x Ed Sheeran event start time

The special Ed Sheeran event and performance in Pokemon Go will both go live at 11am PT on Monday, November 22, 2021. You can see the start time in other locations below:

  • 11am PT
  • 2pm ET
  • 7pm GMT
  • 8pm CEST

How to watch Ed Sheeran’s Pokemon Go performance

To watch Ed Sheeran’s special performance, you’ll need to open the Pokemon Go app and head to the in-game News section, which you can access by opening the menu and pressing the News button.

Once the event begins at the time listed above, you’ll be able to select the performance here. Expect to hear old and new songs like Perfect, Bad Habits, Thinking Out Loud, First Times, and Shiver.


Ed Sheeran’s new single Overpass Graffiti will also play every night in Pokemon Go during the event.

Ed Sheeran performing in Pokemon Go

Ed Sheeran x Pokemon Go event wild spawns

According to Niantic, Ed Sheeran is a big fan of Water-type Pokemon, so the following Water-type starters will have an increased wild spawn rate during the event:

  • Squirtle (wearing Sunglasses)
  • Totodile
  • Mudkip
  • Piplup
  • Oshawatt
  • Froakie

This event is the perfect chance to stock up on Candy for any Water-type starters you still need to evolve or power up. It also marks the first time Sunglasses Squirtle has appeared in Pokemon Go since July 2018!

Ed Sheeran x Pokemon Go event bonuses & free items

During the Ed Sheeran event, Trainers will be able to take daily Snapshots for a surprise, spin PokeStops to earn themed stickers, and get a free event box containing a Lure Module, Poke Balls, and some Berries.


You can also get Ed Sheeran-themed avatar items, including an = sweatshirt with the album logo on it. It is free, but you do have to redeem a code to get it, so plug this in: VVM87WGMMUZHTB8X.

Pokemon Go x Ed Sheeran event end time

The Pokemon Go x Ed Sheeran event will end at 1pm PST on Tuesday, November 30, 2021, so you have a week to grab the free avatar items, check out Ed Sheeran’s performance, and catch that Squirtle.