Pokemon Oreos are being re-sold for insane amounts of money on eBay

pokemon oreo mewThe Pokemon Company, Oreo

Pokemon recently announced a collaboration with Oreo, featuring 16 Pokemon-themed Oreo cookies, each with their own rarity. These cookies have started shipping out and the resale market is already going wild.

The Pokemon x Oreo collaboration officially dropped on September 8 with a limited window for customers to pre-order up to three boxes of cookies. For many, getting a box came down to the luck, or speed, of the draw.

For others, the only way to get the Pokemon Oreos, outside of getting lucky finding them at a local grocery store, is through sites like eBay.

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Due to the differing rarity levels of some Pokemon like Mew, the “limited edition” language, and the sheer fact that it’s Pokemon, there have already been some insane resales happening, with some listed at a whopping $1,000 USD.

Pokemon Oreo resale prices through the roof

These boxes of Oreo’s which, at launch, cost $3.88 are being sold for much higher prices on eBay. What’s more, individual cookies and complete sets of the 16 Pokemon available are being sold as well for equally high prices.

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By simply searching “Pokemon Oreo” on eBay, you are given the following results. At the time of this article’s release, the top three listings are a box for $19.99 and two Mew cookies for $100 and $250, with a “Buy it Now” option for $1,000. Don’t believe me? Here’s a screenshot from eBay of the search.

pokemon oreo ebayeBay
From milk’s favorite cookie to collectors’ favorite cookie.

It’s not just that these listings are happening, it’s that they are selling as well. If you scroll down on eBay and filter by completed transactions, as can be seen here, you will see that boxes are regularly being sold at three-to-four times their value, and Mew cookies alone are selling at $10-$15 dollars.

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Pokemon is a cultural phenomenon right now with collectors, so while this shouldn’t be all too surprising, somehow it still is.

These Pokemon Oreos can still be bought online at regular prices if there’s availability in your area. Simply head to the Oreo ID website and check to see if you can get a box, or three, for yourself.

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