10 best Ground-type Pokemon ranked: Garchomp, Groudon & more

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Looking for the best Ground-type Pokemon for your team? From fan-favorite Garchomp to Legendaries like Groudon and Landorus, these are the strongest species to help you kick your opponents to the dirt.

‘Ground’ might not sound like the most exciting Pokemon type, but they’re essential for taking down Poison, Fire, Steel, Electric, and Rock-type opponents. Besides, some of the strongest Pokemon in the franchise have at least part-Ground typing!

Compared to other powerful types like Dragon and Dark, though, there are admittedly a lot of duds in the Ground category, which makes it more important than ever to know which ones rise to the top and which ones aren’t worth the time pursuing.

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10. Flygon

Flygon appearing in the Pokemon anime

It might not be the best Ground-type Pokemon on our list, but Flygon still has a lot of things going for it. A 100 Speed stat makes it one of the quickest Ground-types around, while the rest of its stats are pretty evenly balanced, so it doesn’t have any significant downfalls in this department.

It’s got access to some brilliant STAB moves like Dragon Claw and Earthquake, while the ability Levitate gives it immunity to Ground-type attacks, which is a huge advantage. It also has immunity to Electric-type attacks – but watch out for that double weakness to Ice-type attacks.

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9. Ursaluna

Ursaluna in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Ursaluna was a new evolution for Ursaring introduced in Pokemon Legends Arceus, and it immediately became a standout Ground-type. It has a 140 Attack stat, which means it can pack a huge punch, and the combination of a 130 HP stat and 105 Defense stat means it has plenty of bulk.

It’s difficult to say whether Ursaluna really deserves its place on this list, as Legends Arceus simplified battles with reduced movepools and no abilities, but if it appears in mainline games like Scarlet and Violet and continues to be this good, there’s no reason it won’t rise even higher in the ranking.

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8. Hippowdon

The Ground-type Pokemon Hippowdon

It’s not very appealing to look at, but Hippowdon is one of the best Ground-type Pokemon you can easily get your hands on. The combination of a 108 HP stat and 118 Defense stat makes it very bulky, and the move Slack Off gives it a good self-healing opportunity.

Of course, it has access to the powerful Earthquake, while the ability Sandstorm will damage all opponents except Rock, Ground, and Steel-types. Hippowdon mainly struggles when it comes to its disappointing 47 Speed, but if you can look beyond that, it’s a solid choice for your team.

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7. Mamoswine

Mamoswine Pokemon

Despite looking like a bulky Pokemon, Mamoswine’s defense stats really aren’t that great, with only 80 Defense and 60 Special Defense, but it makes up for that with a huge 130 Attack stat and a solid 100 HP stat, while an 80 Speed stat means it has a semi-decent chance of attacking first.

Being a Ground/Ice-type also gives Mamoswine great coverage against the majority of types, with STAB boosted moves like Earthquake, Ice Fang, and High Horsepower offering powerful hits that make the most of its huge Attack stat.

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6. Excadrill

Ground type Pokemon Excadrill

Excadrill is as vicious as those drills on its arms, with a massive 135 Attack stat and great moves like Earthquake and Swords Dance. It also has the brilliant ability Sand Rush, which doubles its Speed in a sandstorm to a huge 176, which is enough to outclass almost any opponent.

While its 60 Defense and 65 Special Defense are pretty poor, it saves itself with eight resistances and two really useful immunities: Electric and Poison. It will also take quarter damage from Ground-type attacks, making it quite hard to defeat even with its low defenses.

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5. Swampert


Swampert is often considered to be one of the best Ground-type Pokemon, partly because it evolves from the beloved Mudkip and partly because it has the highest total base stat of any starter. Those 535 points are spread pretty evenly, too, with it only lacking in the Speed (60) department.

A unique Water/Ground-typing leaves Swampert immune to Electric-type attacks and resistant to Poison, Rock, Steel, and Fire-type attacks, with only Grass as a major weakness. An impressive 110 Attack stat and access to devastating moves like Earthquake and Liquidation seal the deal.

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4. Landorus

Therian Forme Landorus

Landorus is the most well-rounded Forces of Nature Legendary, capable of filling multiple roles and excelling in pretty much any Pokemon team. Its typing gives it immunity to both Ground and Electric-type attacks, while the excellent ability Intimidate lowers its opponent’s Attack stat.

It’s a versatile choice to have on your team, too, as it has two forms to switch between: Therian Forme Landorus focuses on raw power with a huge 145 Attack stat, while Incarnate Forme Landorus dishes these extra stat points between Special Attack and Speed.

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3. Garchomp

Garchomp in the Pokemon anime

Garchomp has been a fan favorite ever since it first appeared in Diamond & Pearl, and it’s not hard to see why – as well as having an epic design, it’s one of the most reliable Pokemon you can have on your team, with a massive 130 Attack stat, a solid 102 Speed stat, and loads of excellent moves.

It really benefits from being a Ground/Dragon-type, getting the best of both worlds when it comes to strengths and resistances, and the hidden ability Rough Skin is the cherry on top, dealing damage every time an opponent makes contact. Give it Earthquake, and watch it soar.

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2. Zygarde (Complete Form)


Getting your hands on a Zygarde in its Complete Form certainly isn’t easy, as you’ll need to assemble different parts then reach 50% health in battle before it emerges. Having said that, it’s one of the best Pokemon ever, with ridiculous power and some great signature moves, so it’s worth the effort.

In its Complete Form, the majority of Zygarde’s stats stay the same, with Speed actually dropping 10 points, but health is where things get interesting – it has an outrageous 216 HP stat that gives it massive bulk and makes it almost impossible to take down, even with a double weakness to Ice-type attacks.

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1. Groudon

The best Ground-type Pokemon, Groudon, in the Pokemon anime

Was there really any other option for our number one best Ground-type Pokemon? Groudon has remained one of the top Legendaries since it debuted in Ruby & Sapphire, thanks to brilliant stat distribution, great moves, and the ability to transform into the ridiculously powerful Primal Groudon.

With a massive 150 Attack stat and 140 Defense stat, it’s an incredible physical attacker and defender, and its Special Attack (100) and Special Defense (90) aren’t too shabby either. Then, Primal Reversion is available, it gets a shockingly boosted 180 Attack, 160 Defense, and 150 Special Attack.

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There are loads of solid STAB moves at Groudon’s disposal, including the classic Earthquake and Precipice Blades, which is even more powerful than the former at the expense of some accuracy. As for Fire-type moves, Groudon has the ability Drought which will boost their power even more.

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