Angry Pokémon fan petitions US President to ban sales of Sword & Shield

. 3 years ago

The newest installment of the Pokémon series is coming up fast, but it doesn’t look like hardcore fans are pleased with what they’ve seen – and one player is taking their grievances to a major political figure.

Yes, you read that right: one die-hard Pokémon fan has actually petitioned for the United States president to ban sales of the upcoming Sword & Shield games.

The fan, going by the initials C.R., submitted their petition to the official White House website on November 12, claiming that the games are already “negatively impacting the market with questionable decisions.”

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“We, the people of the United States of America, strive for quality goods and entertainment,” the petition begins. “We, the People of the United States, want what is best for our children. We, the people of the United States, want what is best in our stores.”

The fan goes on to state that Sword & Shield will “set a bad standard in the markets,” and feels that the games are “violating our Market rights.”

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Thus far, C.R.’s petition only boasts 58 signatures – although it’s unclear whether their plea is merely a satirical joke or an actual request for the President to halt sales of the products.

Considering the recent outrage surrounding the newest Pokémon titles, it’s certainly easy to believe that the petition is genuine: from backlash against the games’ textures to anger about the exclusion of older Pokémon generations, the buzz around the upcoming releases has been decidedly negative across social media.

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That’s not all: as of November 13, the hashtag “#GameFreakLied” is trending on Twitter, with fans speculating that the developer used recycled Pokémon models as told by an apparent data leak – despite company spokespersons denying this possibility during an interview in June.

Although whether the leak is legitimate or not remains to be seen, the community is up in arms about Game Freak’s supposed “laziness” in potentially recycling their models, while other fans point out the overwhelming amount of hate Sword & Shield have received before they have even released.

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