Where to find and catch Robinquill in Palworld

Raissa Jerez

Grass-type Pals are some of the most useful to have around your base. However, Robinquill also happens to be an excellent fighter. So, if you want to hunt down this creature and add it to your team, here’s its exact location in Palworld.

The controversy surrounding Palworld is not just about how similar to Pokemon their creatures look, but also how entertaining the game actually is, thanks to the well-crafted mixture of multiple genres.

This game has players around the world exploring, harvesting, crafting, fighting, and mainly catching all sorts of different Pals around Palpagos Island, and because of all this, Palworld became a massive success in a matter of days.

If you’re enjoying working on your base as much as hunting for the 111 Pals in the Paldeck, you’re going to want to catch a Robinquill fast, as it is one of the top-tier monsters in the game.

How to find Robinquill in Palworld

This Decidueye lookalike is a common spawn in Palworld, so once you reach the area where it usually appears, you’ll have plenty of them at your disposal to catch as many as you like.

Robinquill spawns all around the island where the Ancient Ritual Site is located, from the Bridge of the Twin Knights Fast Travel point to the Mount Flopie Summit one.

palworld robinquill location

How to catch Robinquill: battle tips

Players searching for Robinquill need to keep in mind that once they step inside its field of vision, it will immediately start to attack them with its arrows, so approach only when you’re truly ready.

In the wild, you’ll encounter this Pal with different levels, from 15 to even 23 or higher, but before throwing your Pal Sphere, remember to raise its catch by lowering its Health. Luckily for players, as a full Grass-type, they can easily deal damage to it using a Fire-type Pal, but be careful, as if it dies, it becomes uncatchable.

As with any encounter, before going after Robinquill, gather a ton of strong Pal Spheres, at least the Mega or Giga ones, so that you can secure a catch. More so, bring along strong weapons so you can help your Pal lower its HP faster.

In a game where Pals are divided between the ones that are good for working in bases and the strong fighters, Robinquill stands right in the middle.

Its 6 Work Suitabilities (Planting, Handiwork, Lumbering, Medicine Production, Transporting, and Gathering) along with its speed, strong stats, and Partner Skill ‘Hawkeye’ -which exploits enemies’ weak points- make this fellow a great addition to any team.

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