All Palworld major boss fights in order

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Shadowbeak Palworld

Boss battles are crucial in Palworld, and tackling them in the right order can enhance your gameplay. Here’s the recommended order to tackle these formidable foes for a successful adventure in the game.

Palworld has quickly become a gaming sensation thanks to its enthralling mix of survival gameplay and creature collecting. Prepare to gather resources, capture Pals, and face off against tough bosses.

Once you beat a boss in Palworld, more of the world will open up to you and you’ll get your hands on some handy materials, as well as more experience points for you and your Pals. While there are boss encounters you can find out in the open, the game’s major bosses have you go up against a strong Pal and tamer duo.

Finding every major boss fight in Palworld can be tricky, however, as the game only guides you to the first one. So, if you’re wondering exactly where all the bosses are, and which order you should face them in, we’ve got all the information you need right here.

Zoe & Grizzbolt

The first boss you’ll face can be found in Rayne Syndicate’s Tower at the end of the tutorial period.

Zoe & Grizzbolt Boss Location

Zoe is wielding her strong Electric-type Pal, so make sure that you have some Ground-type Pals in your party to neutralize them. You should also be sure to avoid the duo’s ranged electric attacks, as well as Grizzbolt’s powerful melee slam.

Lily & Lyleen

The second boss battle you can encounter is located in the Free Pal Alliance Tower.

Lily & Lyleen Boss Location

Lyleen is a Grass-type Pal, which means that Fire-types are going to be incredibly effective against this pair. However, be sure to avoid Lyleen’s powerful poison cloud attack by maintaining your distance and attacking from behind.

Alex & Orserk

The third major boss battle is found at the Tower of the Brothers of the Eternal Pyre.

Axel & Oserk Boss Location

Here you’ll encounter Axel’s Orserk, a powerful Electric-type Pal. For this encounter, bring Ground-type Pals in your party and make sure to avoid his ferocious electric breath attack. It’s also advisable to bring heat-resistant clothing for protection when traveling here.

Marcus & Faleris

This duo can be found in the PIDF Tower Entrance and will be a formidable challenge.

Marcus & Faleris Boss Location

Faleris is a Fire-type who can also be ridden as a flying mount by Marcus. As a result, Water-types will be most effective here. Be sure that you stay away from the edge of the water, though, as Marcus has a powerful cannon attack that can hit you.

Victor & Shadowbeak

The final battle in Palworld is against Victor & Shadowbeak, who can be found at the PAL Genetic Research Unit Tower. With over 200k health, they will be the hardest to conquer in the game.

Victor & Shadowbeak Boss Location

At the far north section of the map, you’ll encounter the powerful Dark-type Shadowbeak. Having Dragon-types on your team will help, but you should be careful of the vortex attack that can pull you into the pair and let them get hits on you.

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