Where to find and catch Nox in Palworld

James Lynch
Nox in Palworld

Though it will not be a particularly helpful companion to have hanging around in camp, there is a lot to like about Nox when heading into battle in Palworld. Here’s everything you need to know to make sure you can secure one.

There are a lot of different Pals to collect in Palworld. These vary wildly, from flying behemoths to tiny ground creatures, there really is something for everyone. This differentiation changes the gameplay experience as well.

Many pals are very well suited to life at the player base, offering unique skills that allow the player to run their camp without any direct intervention. Others are much more combat focused, accompanying the player as they brave the dangerous wilds of the Palpagos Islands.

Nox is very much the latter and it makes a worthy addition to any potential combat situation. Read on for all the info you’ll need to get one.

How to find Nox in Palworld

Happily, Nox is a relatively easy Pal to track down when compared to some of its peers. As a nocturnal Pal it only appears at night, though it does show up in reasonably high numbers across six of the islands in the archipelago. Labeled on the map below, make sure to stay warm before going out to hunt one. Otherwise, it should be relatively easy to find one.

The location of Nox in Palworld

How to catch Nox: Battle tips

As a Dark-type Pal, Nox is naturally weaker when it comes up against Dragon-type opponents. Jormuntide is the obvious choice, able to put out ridiculous damage, particularly against Dark opponents. Otherwise, Elphidran is a solid pick and should make it easy to hunt down a number of Nox buddies. A melee weapon may well be the play here, with Nox’s diminutive size making it a little tricky to hit in the dark.

Nox’s partner skill of Kuudere is brilliant, adding passive Dark damage to the player’s attacks, regardless of what weapon they are using and what buff they may have. Situationally this is a gold mine, with players able to output two kinds of element damage plus normal damage, with the right weapon types/buffs.

As stated earlier, Nox is relatively useless around camp and is only able to make use of the Gathering Lvl 1 skill. Having said that, it’s still well worth pursuing in the early-mid game.

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