Where to find and catch Bristla in Palworld

Ishan Vashishth
bristla palworld

Locating and capturing Bristla in Palworld is an intriguing and rewarding task for players. Known for its balanced attributes and unique abilities, Bristla stands as a sought-after Pal. This guide unveils the specific locations for finding Bristla in Palworld and offers effective strategies for its capture.

Bristla, with its notable “Princess Gaze” Partner Skill and a versatile range of active skills such as “Wind Cutter” and “Ice Missile,” is a significant addition to any player’s team. However, finding and capturing this Pal demands a clear understanding of its natural habitat and a well-planned approach.

Setting out on a quest to add Bristla to your collection takes you to a unique destination within Palworld. We will delve into the details of Bristla’s exact location in the game and discuss tactics to ensure your success in capturing this elusive Pal, enhancing your Palworld adventure.

Bristla's location on Palworld map.The shaded area shows Bristla’s location in Palworld.

Bristla’s Location and Strategies for Capture in Palworld

Bristla can be found at the Ancient Ritual Site, a distinct landmark in the center of the Palworld map. This site, marked by its circular layout and ancient ruins, is the prime location for Bristla sightings. Key coordinates to target are (109, -362) and (-20, -346), where Bristla freely roams.

The Ancient Ritual Site is roughly the same distance from most spawn points on the map, usually located at the world’s edges. The journey is generally suitable for players around levels 15-20. Its distinctive characteristics make the site easily recognizable for those seeking Bristla.

Successfully capturing Bristla requires a strategic approach, considering its varied skills and defenses. Prepare for a tactical encounter, employing a Fire-type Pal that can effectively counter Bristla’s strengths and weaknesses. 

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