Where to find and catch Petallia in Palworld

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Petallia palworld

The Palworld universe has plenty of different Pals to catch, each one of them with a set of different powers and abilities. If you’re searching for the elusive Petallia, here’s exactly where you can find it in the game.

Despite the huge controversy surrounding Palworld and Pokemon, Pocket Pair’s newest game has proved to be everything players were looking for, becoming the most-played game on Steam and overtaking Game Pass as well in less than a week.

Its main strength is how well-balanced the catching monsters side and the survival farming portion of the adventure are. Plus, the freedom to explore and progress through the game however you please.

If you’re more of a hunter, you’ll want to complete your Paldeck as soon as possible, meaning you’ll need to find the elusive Petallia, an outstanding Grass-type Pal with only one spawn area in the whole map.

Where to find Petallia in Palworld

The Palworld map is quite wide, and even though some Pals have multiple wild spawn areas around it, Petallia only has one and is a bit far away.

Petallia can be found all the way south, on the little island with the Wildlife Sanctuary, floating in the water near some pillars.

Palworld Petallia location

However, this Pal can also be found as an Alpha during the first half of your Palworld adventure, as it appears right in the middle of the Ancient Ritual Site.

Palworld Petallia location alpha

How to catch Petallia: battle tips

Because of its relatively high level in both scenarios, you’ll need to raise Petallia’s catch rate by lowering its Health bar before throwing your Pal Sphere.

As a Grass-type, you can easily deal damage with a Fire-type Pal, but be careful, as if you kill it, you won’t be able to catch it.

In the wild, this Pal will be at level 21 and the encounter will be easier, but as an Alpha, Petallia will be at level 28 and will put up a tough fight. So before going to its dungeon, make sure your Fire-type team is strong enough, and you have top-notch weapons, along with a good amount of Mega or Giga Spheres.

Petallia is a great addition to any team thanks to its supporting role due to its Partner Skill called Blessing of the Power Spirit, which restores the player’s HP while in combat. It can also help in bases thanks to its plenty of Work Suitabilities: Planting, Handiwork, Gathering, Medicine Production, and Transporting, so you better get one soon.

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