Where to find and catch Foxcicle in Palworld

Eliana Bollati
Palworld scenery with the Foxcicle pal

Foxcicle is certainly one of the cutest Pals you can catch in Palworld. But this Ice Element Pal isn’t just eye-candy. Foxcicle also has the Aurora Guide partner skill, making them a great Pal to team up with on your adventures through the Palpagos islands.

Palworld’s breakout success has already smashed plenty of records — it’s sold 5 million copies in just days since its release. Now, fans are looking to complete their collections, seeking out the game’s rare and legendary pals.

While Foxcicle isn’t a legendary Pal, its adorable vulpine design is sure to make it a hit with players. But this Pal packs plenty of power too.

Foxcicle is an Ice type Pal, ranked in A-tier. Its work suitability is Cooling, used to power Food Storage Units, like Refrigerators, making it handy to keep around your base. Then there’s also Foxcicle’s partner skill, Aurora Guide, will increase the attack power of allied Ice Pals in its party.

Palworld world map with Frostbound Mountains marked
Foxcicle can be found in the Frostbound Mountains.

How to find Foxcicle

The best place to find Foxcicle on the map is the small ice-capped mountain in the Frostbound Mountains. The nearest fast travel point is the Free Pal Alliance Tower Entrance.

Players should remember to rug up before heading up to the mountains in search of Foxcicle. Warmer clothing will increase the chance of surviving harsh temperatures in cold areas.

How to catch Foxcicle

As it’s an Ice type, Fire-type Pals are a good bet for those wanting to catch themselves a Foxcicle without too much fuss. For those who’ve already managed to nab a top-tier firetype like Ragnahawk it should be a breeze. But a Blazehowl or a Reptyro should also do the trick with no troubles.

And, as always, make sure you’re stocked up on Ultra Spheres before heading out!

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