How to Fast Travel in Palworld

Kurt Perry
An activated Fast Travel point in Palworld.

Palworld has a big open world for players to explore and Fast Travel will allow you to get around quickly, so here’s exactly how it works in the game.

Palworld incredible success has seen it become Steam’s most-played game. The incredible milestone can be attributed to a few key aspects including its controversial creature designs and large armory of weapons.

One of its most appealing features is the wide open world that Palworld players can explore to their heart’s content. However, getting around can take some time, especially if you don’t take advantage of Fast Travel in the game.

So, here’s how to unlock and use Fast Travel in Palworld.

A Fast Travel point about to be unlocked in Palworld.
Fast Travel points need to be activated before you can teleport to them.

How to unlock Fast Travel in Palworld

To Fast Travel in Palworld, you’ll need to unlock Fast Travel points scattered all across the map. These can be found just about everywhere and provide fast and easy access to your island’s hotspots.

These Fast Travel points are Galeclaw statues that can be unlocked by walking over and interacting with them. By default, the interact bind is set to F on mouse and keyboard and X on Xbox.

However, Fast Travel points aren’t the only locations that can be used for Fast Travel. You can also Fast Travel to any Base that you have founded or any Syndicate Tower after defeating its associated boss.

While Bases in Palworld can serve as convenient Fast Travel points it’s better to place them in areas that contain dense resources as opposed to areas that are hard to reach. This becomes especially true as you progress as Riding certain Pals makes reaching those areas much easier.

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