Symmetra fans not happy after Overwatch Anniversary event skin snub

Lauren Bergin
Overwatch Symmetra

India’s resident Vishkar genius, Symmetra, is one of Overwatch’s most neglected characters in terms of skins, and it seems for the 2021 Anniversary event that trend will continue. 

After the Overwatch Archives event failed to deliver much of what players wanted, the host of interesting skins accompanying the title’s fifth Anniversary celebration are much more in line with what fans expect from Blizzard.

Yet, there’s one character who hasn’t really been given the love. Symmetra, the Vishkar architect turned global heroine, continues to be left out in the cold, despite a whole collection of awesome fan-made skin concepts.

With Anniversary 2021’s skin collections continuing to exclude her, fans have made their voices heard.

Black Cat Sombra
While Black Cat Sombra has been an instant hit, Symmetra fans aren’t too pleased by the Anniversary 2021 skins.

When was the last Symmetra skin released?

The last Symmetra skin to drop was the Marammat Skin, earned as a reward for completing her Restoration Challenge back in November, 2020.

While making her the star of the event had fans rejoicing, the skin was essentially a slightly snazzier recolor of her base skin.

In the wake of Blizzard’s official Anniversary announcement, Sym mains have one message – they want more Symmetra skins.

Overwatch fans demand a new Symmetra skin

One fan has screenshotted a list of the event’s skins, and posted: “BLIZZARD WHERE IS THE SYMMETRA SKIN?????”

Another fan replied to the tweet with a meme, saying: “Symmetra still waiting for a skin.”

Yet another meme portrayed exactly how Sym mains felt as the Anniversary skins were released.

Finally, one fan decided to take the perspective of the forgotten hero herself…

While members of the community have taken to humor to express their anger, there’s no doubt that they are saddened to see another year pass the Indian hero by.

There are a few more events marked up on the calendar, so there’s still time for a new skin.

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