Overwatch fans rave over Funky Baptiste Anniversary skin and find possible crossover link

Overwatch Anniversary Baptiste 2021Blizzard Entertainment

When Blizzard unveiled the first skin of Overwatch’s Fifth Anniversary Event to be Funky Baptiste, fans everywhere were rejoicing. A lot of people, however, missed the crossover reference. 

As Overwatch’s Anniversary event continues to draw ever closer, we’re getting more and more snippets of information about what to expect for the title’s fifth-anniversary celebration.

Crashing in the wake of a disappointing Archives event, the first Legendary skin to be revealed is a groovy version of Haitian Combat Medic Baptiste, aptly entitled ‘Funky Baptiste’.

And it’s safe to say that Overwatch fans everywhere are absolutely loving it – even if they don’t quite get the crossover that comes with it.

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Blizzard Entertainment
Funky Baptiste can join his colleagues on the dance floor!

Overwatch fans react to Funky Baptiste

On a Reddit thread dedicated to discussing the newest cosmetic to join Overwatch’s extensive skin lineup, there are 20.1k likes and a whole lot of comments.

The majority of the title’s community are embracing this fun new Baptiste, with the original author writing that they wished they were “a Baptiste main right now.”

Another commenter, clearly head over heels for the new king of the dancefloor, confesses “this skin is amazing, beautiful, gorgeous, I’ve never wanted to kiss a man more in my life.”

Finally, another fan went on to praise the sheer detail involved in the skin’s design by stating: “I will always appreciate Blizzard after they made his hair like that. It looks cool and detailed for a cartoonish game style.”

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What’s the crossover?

There’s one key thing about this skin, though, that a lot of fans have missed. A cheeky crossover lurks in the shadows, and you’ll be gutted you didn’t notice it sooner.

According to fans, Funky Baptiste apparently draws its inspiration from the classic 1971 film ‘Shaft,’ which is better known for its remade version in 2000. Starring Samuel L. Jackson, the likeness between the Haitian and Jackson is pretty astounding.

This has led to fans quoting some of the actor’s most iconic lines as replies, such as “shut ‘cho mouth!” as alongside “motha…” well, you know the rest.

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So whether or not you’re feeling the nostalgia, make sure you cop this skin during the Anniversary event. You’ll have from May 18 to June 8 to do so, so make sure you’re ready to get in the groove!