Overwatch: How to complete Symmetra’s Restoration Challenge

Bill Cooney
Symmetra Restoration Challenge

Blizzard has once again graced us with an Overwatch mini-event, and this time it’s all about Symmetra, so lets take a look at what exclusive cosmetics you can get and how during the Restoration Challenge.

Symmetra’s Restoration Challenge went live on November 17, along with a patch that also makes Baptiste’s Amplification Matrix so wide it’s almost ridiculous.

Players will have two weeks until November 30 to get the nine required wins and unlock all three exclusive items — a player icon, spray, and new Symmetra skin, all in that order as well.

Restoration follows the same format we’ve seen for other mini-event with Baptiste, Ana, D.Va, and Mercy, which means it’s safe to assume that once it ends, none of the items will be available ever again.

Symmetra restoration challenge skin sit emote
Symmetra’s new Marammat skin is the reward for getting all nine wins.

By now, Overwatch players should be very familiar with how these things work, but in case you need a little refresher, we’ve got you covered below.

  • 3 Wins — Marammat Player Icon
  • 6 Wins — Marammat Spray
  • 9 Wins — Symmetra Marammat skin

After the first three wins, you’ll be rewarded with a new ‘Marammat’ player icon depicting Sym’s new skin. Six wins get you the corresponding spray, and all nine will earn you the exclusive new skin.

Nine wins might not seem like a lot, and if you play Overwatch regularly it shouldn’t be a challenge, but there are definitely a few ways to speed up the process if you want the new skin ASAP.

Instead of queueing into Competitive or Quick Play, the quickest option is to grind out all nine wins in a fast Arcade mode like Team Deathmatch, 1v1 Duels, or whatever else is on the playlist that day.

This lets you grind out your regular Arcade Loot Boxes at the same time that you’re doing the event, and if you pick the right mode, you’ll be done much faster than if you tried to get all nine wins by playing something like the Ranked Queue.

Like we mentioned Symmetra’s Restoration Challenge is going on until November 30, but don’t wait around to get all nine wins in on the last day because once this skin is gone, it’ll be gone for good.